• November 29th, 2020



Top trending - Vote for who?

The top trending clip on our radar is of a Khorixas resident who said she is not interested in voting in the regional and local government authority elections, as she perceives no change coming from her participation in the voting process.


RTE Records drops the first EP

Newly established music label Remember The Eagle (RTE) Records today released an eight-track EP titled Daar Draai Die Dinge with an array of artists including production from DJ Spuzza, Chester Houseprince, Mega, Txngos and vocal lending from Shana Zandile and Florito.


Youth league embarks on pop-up events

Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) has played host to what is to be an annual festival ‘SPYL Pop-Up’ with over a hundred of the party’s young members in attendance and a variety of shows, exhibitions and stalls showcasing various products. 


Take acting roles seriously

Namibian actress, film producer and screenwriter Charlene Girley Jazama says for any person to be an actor, they ought to be acting and taking any role they get seriously because that allows them to build a résumé as well as helps hone their skills. 


Ou Stakes is still in the game

It is no doubt that Ou Stakes is one of the pioneers and backbone of the Damara Punch genre alongside other legends like the late Phura, Rafael and Pele, and he’s still doing the most for the ever-evolving Ma/Gaisa genre.


Top trending - Martin Shalli apology

Retired former chief of the Namibian Defence Force, Martin Shalli was condemned by political parties over remarks attributed to him at a mini Swapo rally held at Five Rand location in Okahandja, where he made remarks saying those who leave the ruling Swapo party to form other parties should be executed.


Boons and banes of being in the fashion industry

If there is an absence of designers at fashion shows, there wouldn’t be trends to follow and without models, there wouldn’t be anyone to wear the designed pieces but with these two critically essential members of the fashion industry, one still probes: Why are they in an industry whose future looks bleak and sometimes not so promising.

Saying no

Steve Jobs once said that ‘It is only by saying no that you can concentrate on the things that are really important


Who forms your opinions?

It is sad to see that even after the greatest information technological revolution, propaganda still has a big role to form people’s opinion and even control their behaviour.


Where are they now?

SWAKOPMUND – Stella is a name that has a bit of clout, especially in the local music circles – and she is as well-known as any of our best-known musicians in the country but have you ever wondered to where the ‘Kapepo’ hitmaker disappeared?


Collaboration in spotlight

Local musicians have made their mark on the international scene as far as collaborating with respective foreign musicians is concerned but one wonders whether these alliances have somewhat elevated their careers or are they just stagnant and the ballads produced have become one-hit wonders.


unWrap - CRAN urged to review local content policy

At a press briefing recently held in Windhoek, The Namibian Society of Composers and Authors of Music (Nascam) Chief Executive Officer John Max expressed his disappointment at the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) for not reviewing their local content policy, after adopting the Code of Conduct for Broadcasters back in 2018. 


The role of Bipa in protecting creatives’ work

The Business and Intellectual Property Authority (Bipa) has said its mandate is to promote creativity and innovation and facilitate effective and balanced protection of intellectual property rights (including copyright) but does not intervene in the enforcement of copyright.


All eyes on NAMAs Finale

The Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) 2020 will formally end tomorrow the final category of Artist of the Decade after an investment of N$100 million into the music industry over the past 10 years.


Rose Blvc wins big at the NAMAs

Newcomer Rose Blvc was the biggest winner of the Namibian Music Awards (NAMAs) 8th edition for scooping three awards including, Best Album of the Year, Best Female Artist of the Year, and Artist of the Year, taking home a bag of N$350 000 in one night.


The therapy in music

Musician Veekay, formally known as Vekaama Uzera (24), says music is one of the best stress relievers and keeps her calm at all times, healing both the mind and the soul.

Let the fighting stop

Since time immemorial, humans have always been fighting. These fights, in most cases, have always been against something. What is interesting about these fights, though,


PDK scoops two awards

PDK who only won a NAMA once in the last 10 years were happy to add 2 more awards to their trophy cabinet and doing so in style with a memorable acrobatic performance with their song ‘Saka’ f


Big Ben offers bulk music on USB

Ben Kandukira well known as Big Ben has gone all out with his new initiative in catering to his fan base by releasing a USB, which has seven previous albums, music videos, a full live concert and photo gallery. 

May we not lose ourselves

Looking at the world we find ourselves in, it is very easy to get lost. With all these concepts, ideologies, myths, lies, misconceptions, and deceptions, only few will survive and live to be who they truly were meant to be.


Kwaito has derailed in Namibia

Best Kwaito artist of NAMAs 2020, Sunday Shipushu, known as Sunny Boy, has said the Kwaito genre in Namibia has derailed a bit due to another genre that has taken over the industry, which indirectly leads to people forgetting the genre.


Kati, Namibia’s first cotton eater

Creative director, conceptual model and stylist Silvanus Ndiweda, aka ‘Kati the cotton eater’, is undeniably making a mark in the Namibian fashion scene with his unique crazy vintage style, which makes him Namibia’s first cotton eater.


FYM goes online

Free Your Mind (FYM) has decided to get on the bandwagon of going digital, as the pandemic has hampered gatherings under stage three regulations.

A Day in the life of Paula - Plant your seed

If we want the world to accept us as we are, we have to let people be who they are. Whether that’s rude, obnoxious, disrespectful or ignorant, you have to accept that you can’t change people. You can influence change in them, but you can’t make them change


What seed are you planting in your garden? 

James Allen in his book titled ‘As a Man Thinketh’, says that the mind is like a garden and whatever seed you plant in it is what grows there. He also goes further to say that if you do not plant any seeds and you leave it unattended the weed and other plants will grow.


Young artist expresses herself through art

Budding artist and blogger, Esther Eino (22) commonly known, as Selff is keen to make a name for herself in the visual art industry with her exquisite artwork. Born and bred in Walvis Bay, Selff discovered her passion during the lockdown and never looked back.


Wambuseun to open film-radio school

Retired Afrikaans rapper Wambuseun, real name Lownan Nangombe, is set to open a film-radio school next year. The Namibia Film School (NFS) is going to be the first film-radio school in the country, which will also form as a community film school.


Waka Moo to host a kids’ awards

Waka Moo, a show featuring Namibian children and personalities by engaging with viewers through the telling of local stories through entertainment and education, will be hosting the Standard Bank Waka Kids Choice Awards to celebrate young creatives on 12 December 2020.


NACN approves more successful applicants

The National Arts Council of Namibia (NACN) has recently approved an additional N$342 000 to fund 14 successful applicants from their second cycle of eligible applications. Overall, out of 47 applications reviewed, six individuals, six groups and two organisations were successful. 


EES releases unity video

Kwaito singer Eric Sell better known as EES has dipped his hand at trying to uplift the spirits of Namibians by releasing a unity music video today titled ‘Magic’ while the number of Covid-19 cases increases.


At home with - Dessert Queen bares her soul

Namibia’s jewel, Priscilla Topnaar (42), popularly known as Priscilla Dessert Queen told Entertainment Now! that growing up was difficult because of low self-esteem as she didn’t fit in, and that her mother being diagnosed with cancer is what led her to start singing.


Die Eintlike Vibe back for season 2

‘Die Eintlike Vibe’, a show dedicated to engage artists, getting deeper into conversation with them through their creative processes, and finding out what inspires them and touch into their personal lives, is back for the second season.


The hip-hop glove

He designed and created a glove that will aid artists or rappers with a new medium of experiencing and expressing themselves in a different way, and to instil a sense of modernity to motivate them to start being more creative when it comes to incorporating technology in their work.

Industry loop -  OTU official list!

OTU...”On The Up” will be an official list that I will publish three times a year. OTU will give you and the rest of the country a clear picture of which artists are on the up and deserve a chance to sit alongside the Kings and Queens of the Namibian entertainment industry. 


Top trending - Jerusalema goes global

‘Jerusalema’, a song by South African DJ and record producer Master KG, featuring South African vocalist Nomcebo Zikode, has gone viral months after its release when a famous dance move became a worldwide trend, with people from across the globe joining and making clips of themselves dancing to the tune.


Mask: A luxury or health apparatus?

The mandatory wearing of masks came into effect in May 2020 as one of the national strategies towards the curbing and handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, enforced by the health ministry with strict instructions from the World Health Organisation (WHO).


M-Gee drops vintage fashion like video

RUNDU - Northern based artist, Lukas Thomas, better known by his stage name M-Gee has dropped another fresh video for his fans, this current afro pop offering titled ‘Kumorora’ is inspired by the current Covid-19 pandemic, and it is shot in a vintage style he wore along with other casts who wore some sort of vintage clothes just to give that classic look to the video.


J-Twizzle a free man

In an unsuspecting turn of events, charges against Award-winning Namibian hip-hop artist Jericho Gawanab, also known as J-Twizzle, have been dropped this week at the Karibib Magistrate’s Court.


unWrap - Dice still got it!

He gave us hot tunes to vibe to and has made us hold onto our seats with his acting roles over the years. In the recently -released short film, The Game by Jenny Kandenge, the award-nominated actor reminds us just how great he is at his job.


Black Dice is here to stay

Talking to Entertainment Now! the singer said Uushimba (Urban) is about the ups and downs of living in the city, saying life far from home gets complicated, and going back is always the best choice.


Hope whispers for healing Teqla

After some time fighting pain, depression, and other personal issues, local songstress, Telka Iita now known as Teqla, found hope, which she is now sharing with her fans through music and she’s continuing to build lasting value in the music fraternity.


Conversations of the Mind & Emotions

Abortion may be a sensitive and complex matter. The current conversation engulfing our nation on abortion is pivotal and necessary as it widens our perspectives and requires us to question our beliefs, ideologies and values we operate from. 


I beat depression – Roux-Che Locke

The best advice she can give anyone is to always run their race at their own pace, adding people should not be afraid to wander off the beaten track and to follow their instincts as they navigate their way through this show called life.

Knock-Out project hailed

Fresh FM radio personality Denzel Leroy //Naobeb, also known as NSK said the latest knock-out project by MTC is the kind of assignment he is ecstatic to be part of as it is tangible and warms his heart because it is addressing the issue of homelessness in the country.


M-GEE holds ‘Black Lives Matter’ demo

RUNDU – Rundu-based local artist Thomas Lucas, also known as M-GEE, along with other fellow youth in pursuit of relevance recently held a peaceful solidarity demonstration to join the world on the ongoing demonstration of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign.


DJ Oros turns up the heat

A local chef, DJ and radio personality, Lucas Ashipala (28), professionally known as DJ Oros has told Entertainment Now! that he strongly believes the franchising of international food outlets in Namibia is a total rip off.


Leather Mein premiers Bestie video

The much ado about nothing wedding of Leather Mein and Sally Boss Madam that sparked social media buzz had attendees cracking ribs with joy and excitement as the duo premiered their song ‘Bestie’s’ music video at Ster Kinekor, Grove Mall over the weekend.


Tswazis live music show to go countrywide

Tswazis, which hosted their winter bash in the capital to a captivating audience, informed Entertainment Now! that they are planning on being inclusive and with time spread out to the rest of the country, starting with Okahandja at a date to be announced.

MTC brings hope to art industry

MTC generously announced an investment figure totalling N$13. 2 million to be ploughed into the entertainment industry, comprising the Windhoek Fashion Week (N$3.6 million) and the 081Every1 Music Fest (N$9.6 million) for the next three years.


Snareworx educates on music literacy

Music education appears to be an unpopular topic in the Namibian music scene and it might have become gradually hard to access in most local schools, that is the reason why Snareworx Music Academy took up the decision to educate people of all ages about the literacy of music.


DJs struggle during pandemic

You hear them at events, they play your favourite tracks and sometimes you get overexcited when they pump your jams after one another and at other times you want them off stage because they are not fulfilling your musical needs. 


Artists take on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up on June 21st and Entertainment Now! caught up with some household names in the Entertainment industry who are fathers, to share their views on what Father’s Day means to them.


Top trending - Goat by Ay Poyoo

The top trending clip on our radar is from AY Poyoo, a Ghanaian rapper and comedian who became an internet sensation for his hit song Goat. The song has raked in 314 630 views on YouTube since its upload on 8 June 2020.


Nascam questions relief fund for members

Last week, the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture availed N$5.5 million from its national budget to be implemented through the National Arts Council of Namibia (NACN) to ease the effects of Covid-19 as a temporary relief fund for the entertainment sector.


Former music exec releases online book

Stalin Kay real name Stalin Kapembe, the man behind the famous RV Inc label helped shape the career of Rizzy and produced notable music videos for most of the artists in the country back in the day has recently released an online book for businesses.


Arts council gets N$5.5 million from Govt

The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture has availed N$5, 5 million from its national budget for the initiative to be implemented through the National Arts Council of Namibia to ease the effects of Covid-19 as a temporary relief fund for the entertainment sector.


Wambuseun says bye to music

The pioneer of Afrikaans rap in Namibia, Wambuseun real name Lownan Nangombe will be retiring from the music business after 22 years of serving as the notable black Afrikaans rapper in the country.


#DriveThruCinema thrills Windhoekers

The organisers of Kasi Vibe Festival Namibia and the owner of TouchLight Audio and Stage, a company that offers stage sound, lighting and event management services in the country, recently teamed up to stage an event dubbed #DriveThruCinema at Lafrenz parking lot at 80 Rensburger Street, to cater to the entertainment sector that has been hugely affected by the novel coronavirus.


unWrap - Rundu designer makes masks for the less fortunate

RUNDU - Fashion designer Toze Benjamin believes people can have anything they want in life if they dress for it. He also believes that during the pandemic lockdown, no one should be caught on the wrong side of the law, without wearing a mask. The designer sure deserves a standing ovation as he made the choice to join the global solidarity movement to help keep everyone safe. 


The curse of unsolicited  advice

Though I am not really into social media as much as I was in my younger days, I do still browse through at least for a minute or two a day, literally. Now, in one of these occasions sometime last week, I came across a quote posted by one of my favourite fellow Hermien Elago that read: “No one is qualified to tell you how to experience the world”. 


Industry Loop: Benefit concerts... YAWN!

Benefit concerts are such a bore. Like...wow bruh. The Global Citizen “One World: Together At Home” concert was a bore. The BET “Saving Ourselves Covid-19 benefit” concert was bottom of the barrel ok. I fell asleep 10 minutes into the MTV Base “Africa Day Benefit” concert!  Yes, I get it... let’s all come together and save the world through the power of arts and entertainment, raise funds and direct these funds to the most destitute and in the same vein strengthen our efforts towards the fight against the coronavirus. I get it. All good and well... mara does it have to be so damn tedious?


Kaujeua: Gone but not forgotten

African American singer Ray Charles once said “Music is powerful. As people listen to it, they can be affected. They respond.” that’s what happened in the country this week. 27 May 2010 will be a bitter day in the lives of music lovers and enthusiasts as it reminds them of the untimely passing of a Namibian music legendary icon, Jackson Muningandu Kaujeua.


Top trending - Parents are not teachers

Comedian Hazel Kaekoo Kamaazembua Putuaota (21) second clip of homeschooling is the top trending video on our radar as she attempts to teach her daughter. The clip which has garnered close to 6 000 views on Facebook is depicting a typical approach by Ovaherero parents.


Hip Hop heavyweights reunite

To say the return of the rap game’s most beloved acts in the country was unexpected would be an understatement. These are some of the artists that brought and awakened the hip-hop culture in the country, and their reunion came as a surprise to the music industry.


MICT Rundu invites musicians to live performance sessions to be aired on social media

RUNDU - Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) in Rundu have realised that local artists in the region have been hit hard due to social distancing regulations whereby there are no shows, concerts or public performance to promote themselves and have thus come up with an idea to promote them via social media live streaming sessions.


Exile down but not out

Last weekend, Entertainment Now! caught up with Exile, one of the most talented rappers in the country from back in the days. He is known to be one of the members of the popular group, ‘The Kalaharians’, and one of the artists who were at the forefront of the music industry in the country from the 90s to the early 2000s.


The power of doing nothing

We have come to live in a world where we are constantly reminded about time and being productive. This has brought us to the point where we become anxious when there is nothing to do. As a result, we try to find even the most trivial things to keep us preoccupied and constantly “busy”.


Negumbo’s true love of Hyperrealism artistry

All he needs is a pencil, brush and paper and he is the happiest person one can ever get. With an impeccable experience of drawing for almost two decades, Fillemon Negumbo (23) never thought he would be tapping into the type of artistry he is into right now – Hyperrealism.


Industry Loop:  It’s a wrap

You see in Namibia if you are not in my camp or if you are not my favourite, I will NEVER give credit where it’s due. I will never praise your work publicly. Never will I admit that your output and quality thereof is amazing and deserves a highlight. 



So, chakalaka is such an easy go-to side dish for any pap and warm pasta salad. I make it every two weeks and freeze half and keep the rest in the fridge. It surprisingly holds up well in the fridge for up to a week. Here is my take on a firm family favourite.... 


Top trending - Nigga Get Rich Bronx collection

 Grootfontein-based rapper Paulus Njambi, stage name Nigga Get Rich, who is known for his hip hop vintage type of swag and interesting lyrics in his ballads, recently loaded a video of his Bronx collection, jokingly challenging fellow musician Gazza to clap back on his collection.

A love letter to the queens

There was a time I sat at an open mic evening and there was a lady who was reciting a piece to her mother. She spoke about how much her mother means to her and what it means that she is in her life. Although it has been a difficult journey for her and her mother, she has never ceased to show love and care for her. 


Music industry deeply divided

Veteran afro-pop artist and one of the highly celebrated artists from back in the day, Killa-B, reminisced on how things used to be in their heydays, saying: “In our days, we had unity and real music was made.”


Moongo in a faraway land, pursuing dreams

You might have seen him on TV for 91 days, as he represented Namibia at the fourth season of the Big Brother Africa Show (BBA) and finishing third place, Helsinki-based Edward Mandume Moongo says he is trying out that new modern life as a “Diasporic entrepreneur” but home will always be where the heart is.


Financial anxiety and mental health

I bet you probably at times find yourself wondering why most of our worries are about money, besides all talk of budgeting and daily financial advice in magazines, newspapers and even on social media. You may probably wonder why money appears to be one of the most sensitive issues and often happens to be a source of most people’s anxiety and even serious health mental issues.