• January 25th, 2020



Top Trending: Start saving now for 2021

WINDHOEK – The top trending clip on our radar is by Elia Nghinamhito, a 24-year-old automobilist who regularly chauffeurs between Windhoek, Okahandja and Otjiwarongo. In the clip, Nghinamhito is advising people on the importance of saving money.


City spends N$300 000 yearly on New Year Bash

WINDHOEK – The City of Windhoek (CoW), through its marketing and events sections and in conjunction with various stakeholders, has revealed to Entertainment Now! that it spends approximately N$300 000 to host the New Year bash, but that wasn’t the case last year due to budgetary constraints.


Back to School bash rakes in over N$17 000

WINDHOEK – The recently held Back to School bash at the Khomasdal Community Hall last Saturday raked in N$17 500.50. The bash was packed with music enthusiasts as they watched their favourite artists performing tirelessly – all in the name of giving back to the community. 


ZAMAs foster on despite challenges

Rundu - The Zambezi Annual Musical Awards (ZAMAs) took place on 28 December 2019 at UNAM hall. Despite a few challenges, the organising committee faced leading up to the event, they feel that this year the ceremony will be much improved in terms of quality and prize monies.


Commemorating Youssef Chahine

WINDHOEK - As part of the continent wide initiative by the Luxor African Film Festival and Misr Films, Independence Avenue Films is commemorating and engraving the name of pioneer African filmmaker Youssef Chahine in the collective memory of our people.

Industry Loop: Artists need to respect DJs

Last year, over the holiday, I had the honour of playlisting music at a friend’s wedding. At the wedding, a kwaito artist walked up to me and said: “Why aren’t you spinning my songs, bruh?”. Those were literally his first words: no greeting; no introductions, whatsoever. We’ve never even met in person. 


Namibian queer queen breaks the silence against queerphobia

WINDHOEK - Unlike some African countries such as Kenya that celebrates the rights of LGBTQI+ community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex), Namibian award winning make-up artist, fashion stylist and an androgynous model Jay Aeron says Namibians are still stuck in old stereotypes of queer, a perception which should come to an end. 


The Warehouse Theatre opening soon

WINDHOEK - The Warehouse Theatre, which closed its doors for business last year after having been in the art and entertainment industry for three decades, is currently undergoing changes and transformation under new management and will be opening soon – with no specific date mentioned.

The market is changing

Gone are the days when the ordinary Namibian fan was content with your music and nothing else. The ordinary Namibian fan 10 to 15 years ago did not care about your personal life.

Industry Loop:  Choice overload! 

I never believed in the notion that artists make music for the NAMA’s. It’s always been my steadfast believe that artists release based on many factors BUT the NAMA’s. MTC’s announcement that 2020 will be their final year with the awards smashed my assertions.


Avani’s Stratos Rooftop, Cuvée Rosé host ladies’ night

WINDHOEK – One of the most popular hotels in Windhoek, Avani Hotel and Casino, recently collaborated with KWV to launch one of South Africa’s celebrated sparkling wines, KWV Annabelle Cuvée Rosé KWV Annabelle Cuvée Rosé is a sweet sparkling wine produced in South Africa by the leading South African wine and spirits producer, KWV.


ZAMA to diversify for 2020

KATIMA MULILO - Since the introduction of the Zambezi Music Awards, to be held on 28 December, the organisers have decided to establish competitions to keep the youth busy and focused on their talents.

Visual Art shines at Creamer’s

WINDHOEK- With the closure of the Warehouse Theatre, The Project Room in Collaboration with Namibian Arts Association hosted visual artists at Creamer’s to promote their work in a street style live exhibition called Art In Action.


Dj Tira to rock Desert summer Festival 2019

WINDHOEK – South African award-winning DJ, record producer, kwaito artist and a founder of a record label Afrotainment was announced by the organising committee of the Desert Festival to be one of the headlining acts to perform at the seven-day festival in the coastal area this December.


D-Naff warns public against a fraudster

WINDHOEK-D-Naff, real name Naftalie Shigwedha Amukwelele, on Monday blasted a fraudster on social media for swindling money from the public purporting they would join his (D-Naff) music stable and also help the so-called boxer with his expenses for a fight in the UK.


Oshikandela promotes local creatives

WINDHOEK- A favourite to many, young and old, Oshikandela, a product of Namibia Dairies is on a quest of promoting local creatives by partnering with local designers to produce four works of art using the new Oshikandela image as a reference through a competition themed ‘Hip with Heritage’.


‘Untitled’ celebrates unsung artists

WINDHOEK- A new local web series titled ‘Untitled’, which follows the lives of seven different artists in Windhoek, aims to show how artists are people and how they struggle, especially in their line of work and finding their place in the industry.


Windhoek Fashion Week 2019 ends in style

WINDHOEK- The Windhoek Fashion Week (WFW) 2019 dénouement off in style at Dinapama Manufacturing and Supplies Factory with an impeccable collection. The event saw the launch of the ‘Helao’ collection, which featured amazing pieces with prominent Odelela material dominating by Deon Angelo.


Social Reflection: Living in the here and the now

You know when one finds themselves looking at their life, they tend to have two sights: forward and backwards. We spend the majority of our time focused on the future: always planning and anxious about where we are going and trying to ensure that we are doing the groundwork to get to where we are going. We spend so much time immersed in the 'what ifs' and little time in the now. We spend equally as much time studying our past and trying to piece together the areas we could have done better, the things we have experienced and the things we wish had been different. There is a very powerful scripture I live by that reads:


DStv airs local documentary Hafeni: The Man from Mondesa

WINDHOEK- MultiChoice Africa announced last week that the highly acclaimed documentary, Hafeni: The Man from Mondesa aired yesterday on DStv’s channel 409. It especially fills MultiChoice with pride, as it is a local Namibian production made by Namibians, telling a story that will resonate with viewers across Africa. 


Promoting Namibia through clothing

WINDHOEK- The idea started as an Instagram account where founder and owner, Salomo Festus would feature quality pictures of people that looked good and represented Namibians from various backgrounds through the clothes they wear.


Kufamosha seeks funding to film 4th series

WINDHOEK- A group of youth who are into drama plays called Kufamosha drama group is appealing to fellow local film companies to assist them with filming equipment to record part four of their series called ‘Fiyo naini Namibia letu lili ngaha’ (till when is Namibia like this). 


NASCAM CEO to head continental body

WINDHOEK- The Namibian Society of Composers and Authors of Music (NASCAM) Chief Executive Officer Eino-John Max, was recently appointed to be  Chairperson of the Confederation of International Society of Composers and Authors  (CISAC) Africa Committee on a three-year term.


NAMAs: artists have their say

WINDHOEK- The sad news broke by MTC’s Chief of Human Capital and Corporate Affairs, Tim Ekandjo stating that after almost 10 years of closely awarding deserving local artists for their craft and contribution they have done in the music industry, it would regrettably bring this project to a close.


Cassidy Dabbles in a solo project

WINDHOEK – Twenty-six-year-old Cassidy Karon, better known as the other half of the award-winning music duo Paradox, recently set social media abuzz after he posted a video announcing that he will be releasing a solo album soon.

Don’t second guess abuse, abuse is abuse

For so many years many people have heard about a protection order that has been put in place to assist those people who want to escape their abusers. Many survivors do not understand how the process of applying for a protection order works. They move quickly to apply for a protection order only to withdraw it within a short period.  

Industry Loop: “Mzansibola”

I think one of the most overrated phrases in the entertainment industry is “all the way from South Africa”. We are slaves of South Africa. South Africa own our souls. We are that side chick that believes that love is about suffering. So much so that whenever we see or hear the phrase “all the way from South Africa” we jump without asking how high.  


Top trending: how other girls eat your man

WINDHOEK- Our top trending clip this week is about entrepreneur and actress Dillish Mathews’ Instagram story that she uploaded this last week about women giving attitude to their men. While eating cake, she demonstrates how other women eat men whose women are arrogant.


Dancing champ brings a gold medal home

WINDHOEK – They say ‘gold medals are not made of gold, they are made of sweat, determination and a hard-to-find alloy called guts’ and this defines eight-year-old Kari Rabie, who won a gold medal last week in the Rumba in the Jungle competition in South Africa.

Industry Loop: Entertaining politics Vol 2!

Its election time and everyone is in the mood to have their voices heard including entertainers. I for one think that entertainers need to lead these conversations. I think it’s refreshing to see your favourite entertainer champion an ideology or some sort of cause.


Politainment in the spotlight

WINDHOEK- David Schultz once wrote that the world of politics, campaigns, and elections is confusing and asked how citizens like you and I make sense out of why candidates do what they do or why some are

Industry Loop: Sound industry...what kind? 

The sound industry is really starting to annoy me of late. If you been attending events in the last 3 months or so you’d notice that there is always a problem with sound. If it’s not power/generator issues, its microphone issues or the actual sound is poor.  

Industry Loop: Infinite disaster!

During my time at the coast last weekend I decided to check out on Saturday one of my favourite spots in the whole wide world, Infinity Lounge. Three words…NEVER EVER AGAIN. Bruh...the regret! Sigh…where do I start? 


The best in music in the world

WINDHOEK - Brought to you by popular demand after the great success of the most charming beautiful show at the Omaruru Arts Festival of local superstar Esther Fellner and world-class player and concerto conductor


KFW launches mobile app

WINDHOEK – The upcoming Katutura Fashion Week (KFW) launched a mobile application over the weekend, which gives its supporters and participants easy access to all the necessary information they might need.


Taylor Jaye ventures into acting

WINDHOEK – Namibia-born musician, singer, songwriter, actress, businesswoman, philanthropist and now actress, Taylor Jaye, who is currently living in South Africa has ventured into acting and she will be acting in a Nigerian series, ‘Un-locked’ alongside Nigerian actor Mike Ezuruonye.

Industry Loop: Let’s  read ours!

Did you know that we have Namibian authored books in the market? It’s a rhetorical question. Sorry, if I bruised your ego by pointing out the obvious. I just can’t help but wonder why you haven’t tweeted about a Namibian authored book? What’s stopping you from posting about Namibian authors? 


Bishop Madigari

WINDHOEK- The top trending clip, which is a must-watch is that of Bishop Madigari featuring  Munda Kanyonga In a clip titled Police and Crooks. Kanyonga anchors social issues intending to use semiotics on current affairs.


OYO premieres ‘Ilithyia gone mad’

WINDHOEK - The Namibian Trust and Dance Troupe that uses the arts to create social awareness, Ombetja Yehinga Organisation, premiered ‘Ilithyia gone mad’ yesterday at the Warehouse Theatre, in collaboration with an international guest, from the Netherlands, Eveline Castelein.


Confident local women applauded

WINDHOEK – Over the weekend the weekly tabloid newspaper Confidénte through Independent Media Holdings hosted an awards ceremony to celebrate the achievements of women who have done amazing work in their respective professions.

Industry Loop: Rebranding Vol. 2

Earlier this year I spoke about how entertainers who may have changed their stage names get pissed when one addresses them on their old stage names. My question at the time was, “Who did you tell that you changed your name?” My question stands till this day. 



WINDHOEK- Moses Hamaambo, also known as @Moses_king_ham on Instagram, is hilarious, witty and full of humour. His videos on Instagram keep on garnering a minimum of 2 000 views per clip. His content ranges


Funky Lab becomes a franchise

WINDHOEK - Funky Lab Social Cafe is set to officially open its Windhoek branch on 30 August 2019.  After a brief stint two years ago, the popular social cafe closed its doors when Maerua Mall’s body corporate objected to the establishment obtaining a liquor licence.


Nust crowns 2019 King and Queen

WINDHOEK – On a night of great excitement, high adrenaline and wonder of who would scoop the titles of Miss and Mr Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust) 2019, 20 finalists battled for the crowns in which Harvey Upingasa and Nandeekwa Tjiurutue came out top.

Industry Loop: Soundcheck

I am a stern believer of soundcheck. I do not compromise on soundcheck. Soundcheck needs to be done. It's just one of those things. You can’t escape it if you do not want drama stemming from sound issues on the day


Movie Review: The Lion King

WINDHOEK - If this movie does not evoke fond memories of your childhood, then I do not know what will. Watching the new version of ‘The Lion King’, a big-screen musical with celebrity voice overs, tries its best to

Exploring the art of nudity

WINDHOEK – The art of nudity, whether in the form of photography, paintings or statues, dates back to the 1800s, yet in some, if not most, societies, the subject in itself remains taboo and is not openly embraced.

Industry Loop:  Music vs Content  

If one takes away music from a radio station, what will be left? That’s my challenge to you today or until the next Industry Loop. As you listen to your favourite station for the next seven days, take away the music element and place super emphasis on content.  


Industry Loop: State your case

Fans have been venting on social media about how their favourite musicians did not make the overall nomination list. Either that or how some musicians didn’t make it in certain categories. Which is normal right? I mean you’re a fan…you want your favourite to win all the time! However, how about you remove the fan tag and consider a few things. 


Former prisoner to take the music industry by storm

WINDHOEK – Some people believe ‘prison changes’ lives, and it clearly has changed the life of local artist, Ghost (real name Sakeus Johannes), who is about to set the music industry on fire with his upcoming album. Born and raised in Engela, in the northern part of Namibia, Ghost was sentenced to five years in prison for possessing drugs.


Belly dancing extravaganza Shimmy’s for animal charities

SWAKOPMUND - Professional Namibian belly dancer Sascha Olivier-Sampson is not only the closest thing to being a ‘Goddess’ you will find adorned in silks and beads, but she is also an exceptional performing artist with a heart of gold. She has just celebrated her tenth ‘Shimmy for Shelter’ dance extravaganza, which this year raised N$31 000 towards two major Namibian animal charity projects.  


‘The White Line’ goes international

WINDHOEK - Never have I had a film captivate me as much as ‘The White Line’ did. As I sat in anticipation, I was fearful, I was angry, I was disgusted and I felt sad. The joy and the overwhelming pride I felt, as it fundamentally told our story, our Namibian story, is indescribable. 


Khoes takes the Khoest to Germany

WINDHOEK - Nesindano Namises has delved into her artistry by developing a show called theKhoest. Khoes, as she is known, tells the story of transformation and visibility, which is expressed through poetry with experimental sounds and chants, in Khoekhoegowb.


‘Yellow Submarine’ to air on One Africa TV

WINDHOEK - ‘Yellow Submarine’ will be televised on One Africa TV. The show will feature compelling interviews with Namibia’s most prominent entertainment personalities. The show, which premieres on Sunday, is centred on arts but branches out into other areas of life such as medicine and issues affecting artists. 

Industry Loop: Theme songs

Why are theme songs in Namibia always so damn corny and downright terrible? They always sound so forced and weird. I mean honestly, the last time a theme song actually impressed me and captured the


Miss Okahao crowned

WINDHOEK – The Miss Okahao pageant that took place last week attracted many beautiful contestants from across the country. However, it was Tuundja Ujava who was crowned as the 2019 winner. 

Comedy for charity

WINDHOEK – Namibian comedian, brand influencer, entrepreneur and the Gweri Vintage collection founder, Zuluboy, real name Pinehas Shikulo, hosted a comedy show for charity in the community.


Zuluboy introduces Gwine

WINDHOEK - After establishing himself in the arts industry with multiple abilities, Pinehas Megameno Shikulo, popularly known as Zuluboy, has once again tapped into another market - the making and


Anything but Namibian nuh? 

Namibia is just another province of South Africa. We worship everything from South Africa. We worship their politics. We worship their sport. We worship their entertainment industry. We worship their linguistics. Everything from South Africa is golden to us. Yeah, I said it! Catch all you want! 


Comedy with EVH in the building

WINDHOEK - She cracks you up with her 8 o’clock news on social media. But who is this social media news anchor that plans to take NBC’s Fran Thomas’ job as some Facebook and Twitter comments have stated? The originator of the alter ego is Xuro Milton. 


Diamond Monica, a property mogul in the making

WINDHOEK - Since bursting onto the music scene with her sexy music videos in 2007, Monica ‘Diamond’ Shafooli has in recent years concentrated on building her property portfolio. The last time the dancehall queen dropped visuals was in 2016 titled ‘Chekange’ featuring Kamby, which garnered over 63 000 views.

Industry Loop: Staying with fashion...

What does the Namibian fashion industry need to do to make it onto the shelves of multinational brands like Jet, Edgars, etc.? It’s no secret that the majority of these clothing multinationals from South Africa are doing nothing meaningful for the ordinary Namibian except make millions per branch and ship it down south.


NBC Saturday Breakfast Show ‘a hit’

WINDHOEK – The new television show airing on Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), ‘The Saturday Breakfast Show’ has turned out to be the people’s favourite show based on feedback from viewers on all social media platforms, according to the producers. 


Former Miss Namibia passionate about acting

WINDHOEK - Former Miss Namibia, Odile Gertze, is without a doubt the most talented actress Namibia has, having appeared in six theatre plays and over five movies, including a cameo in ‘The Mummy’, a 2017 American action-adventure horror film directed by Alex Kurtzman starring Tom Cruise.


Industry Loop: Ode to fashion

I love what is happening with fashion in Namibia. Fashion has found a new lease of life. Everybody is conscious of what they wear. Everybody is fashion driven. Everybody is starting to appreciate fashion. 


DJ Castro dominates BOB Party

WINDHOEK- Otjiwarongo-based DJ Castro aka The Whistle DJ knows how to pull off a stellar performance and he didn’t disappoint one bit at the BOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) Party hosted by the KFC DJs which took place at the Zoo Park Amphitheatre on Saturday. 


What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

WINDHOEK- The connotation of motherhood is practically limitless. As Namibia and the world gear up to celebrate Mother's Day this Sunday, Entertainment Now! spoke to familiar personalities in the entertainment industry on what Mothers’ day means to them and how they plan on celebrating it.


Arts fair invites entries

WINDHOEK - The organisers of the Namibian Arts Fair are inviting artists and musicians from across the continent to take part in this year’s fair slated for September at the Goethe-Institut of Namibia. 


‘Waka Waka Moo’ flying high overseas

WINDHOEK – Namibian model and entrepreneur, Luis Munana’s ‘Waka Waka Moo’ children television show is airing in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and other African countries would follow suit, as the second season is set to air soon.

KFC DJs plan bottle bash at Zoo Park

WINDHOEK - The popular KFC DJs, comprising of DJ Kadafi, DJ SlickFisha and DJ Chin-Chila are hosting the 1st edition of the 5TH BOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) Show for the year at the Zoo Park Amphitheatre tomorrow, starting from 12h00 till late.  There is a line-up consisting of more than 20 local acts, which they collectively did. 


Kapana In Town at your doorstep

WINDHOEK - Walking towards the different food stalls at the Wernhil Shopping Mall taxi rank, something different is noticeable about one stall. Once closer, the smell of one of the best delicacies in Namibia becomes obvious at stall


Sally ‘Boss Madam’ redefining music 

WINDHOEK – While some artistes rush to release their albums just in time to meet the deadline for the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) each year, Sally Boss Madam drops a single or two to keep her fans happy and in the loop with her newest sounds. 


Exit stirs ‘beef’ to revive music career

WINDHOEK- With one of the Facebook posts saying, “Ni**az be actin like somebody gon’ die or somethin’ Weedhu!! I had to shake you up a bit...these are the only moves that will basically elevate the game cause it pushes everyone and raises the artistic bar meaning better music Otampanikifwa ko ka chii kokuMtata shili...Se iina tu tila...Hambaa, ” he posted. 


Sigera’s CK trades in mighty pen for guitar

WINDHOEK - Sigera Jazz Band’s ability to perform live music is impeccable and captivating. According to veteran sports journalist and guitarist Carlos Kambaekwa, also known as CK, who happens to be one of the members of the band, “Sigera” is a Khoekhoegowab name which means “we are coming”. 


SK Khoza to party with Namibians

WINDHOEK - Sthembiso ‘SK’ Khoza, a South African television presenter and actor best known for hosting shows such as Mzanzi Ridez and Goal Diggerz, and who also acted as Shaka in The Queen, will be partying with Namibians on May 4 at Cappello. 

Industry Loop: An injury to one is an injury to all!

The whole King Tee Dee/Diamond Platnumz situation that unfolded this week had me in my feels. I don’t know what makes me more mad…the fact that Diamond Platnumz broke an unwritten rule, the fact that black Twitter chose to poke fun at King Tee Dee or the fact that King Tee Dee’s PR team failed to do damage control. 


D-Naff elevates Namibian gospel

WINDHOEK – Although house, hip-hop and kwaito music predominate the Namibian music industry, gospel sensation D-Naff (real name Naftalie Shigwedha Amukwelele) has kept the genre on another level in terms of deliverance and keeping it in the mainstream.


Anna Mushimba, the paper flower girl

WINDHOEK - Are you having an event that requires flowers? Is there ever an event where flowers are not needed? Anna Mushimba has opened By Invite, a baby company that has been in the flower-making industry for over two years. It is a paper flower-making business.