Coastal residents welcome the opening of Strand Hotel

Home Business Coastal residents welcome the opening of Strand Hotel


Coastal residents and tourists on Friday flocked to the newly opened Swakopmund Strand hotel to experience the therapeutic atmosphere, as well as the exquisite cuisine on offer.

The hotel was indeed a hive of activity, with visitors and locals taking a closer look at the hotel itself and treating themselves with excellent meals and drinks offered by the hotel and its staff.

Approximately 235 newly recruited employees of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group received training from renowned chefs and customer care experts at the cost of N$1.5 million to the company.

The new Strand Hotel is a first-of-its-kind in Namibia with three top-class restaurants all situated on the ground floor and it offers clients a refreshing sea view, with the ocean just a stone’s throw away.

One of the exciting new eateries is the Ocean Cellar. It is bound to take guests at the coast to another level of gastronomic experience. Situated on the historic Swakopmund Mole, just a few metres from the beachfront, Ocean Cellar offers both indoor and outdoor restaurant and lounge seating, with a resplendent view of the ocean.

Swakopmund resident Anna-Marie Buys was one of the first visitors at the hotel on Friday. She was highly impressed with the quality of the service and food at the hotel. “It was indeed a nice relaxed experience. I hope they can keep it up as that is the kind of treatment one expects from such a world class hotel,” she said.

Tourist Heinz Schmidt said he was impressed with the ambience and relaxed atmosphere at the hotel: “It’s different. The colour schemes are also warm and welcoming. It makes you feel at home, unlike the average hotels where everything is white and reminds you of hospitals. I will definitely come back again.”