Cops apprehend eight fugitives

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The police arrested eight wanted suspects, 120 illegal immigrants and issued 180 traffic tickets amounting to N$180 000 during the just ended ‘Twa hangana’ joint security operation.

The regions that participated in the four-day operation are Omusati, Ohangwena, Oshikoto, Oshana, Kunene and Kavango West.

The operation started on November 6 and lasted until November 9. Regional Commander of Oshikoto region Commissioner Anne-Marie Nainda, who was also the gold commander of the operation, said the main objective of the operation was to suppress crime.

According to Nainda, the initiative emanates from the senior command conference resolutions of 2014, which directed regional commanders to conduct simultaneous joint operations.

Following the conference resolution, the six regional commanders recognised that working in isolation was not making an impact on crimes committed in their areas of jurisdiction and beyond. Hence a candid review of policing and response approaches was conducted, which led to the latest anti-crime operation.

“Crime transcends our regional boundaries and continuously undermines our mandate, because its effects on a micro-level are that it undermines fundamental human rights and the liberties of our people. At macro-level it creates unbearable trauma, physical injury to victims, families and, society, as well as the loss of life,” Nainda said.
Nainda said the joint operation was three-pronged and focussed on prevention, enforcement and detection in order to fight crime collectively by sharing risks and supporting each other. The commander also warned criminals that the police are ready for the festive season. Nainda commended the public and all other stakeholders on a successful operation. Similarly, she also commended the police officers on duty, who made the operation a success.

Among the confiscated goods are eight shotguns, five rifles, six pistols, 33 knives, 88 rounds of shotgun ammunition, 49 rounds for rifles and 21 rounds of ammunition for pistols.