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Battered homeless request police presence 

2022-07-20  Loide Jason

Battered homeless request police presence 

Some of the homeless people who witnessed the gruesome murder of their mate on Sunday, described the incident as unfortunate.

They attributed the unfortunate event to alcohol and drug abuse among those accommodated at the Khomasdal stadium.

They live at the stadium after government placed them there since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020.

On Sunday afternoon, at about 12h20, 30-year-old Jacky Wesley Cloete was stabbed to death on the spot with a knife on the side of the stomach.

 The homeless said drug and alcohol abuse is rife and fights break out regularly at the stadium. When this reporter arrived there yesterday morning, three people, including a lady were seen with fresh wounds from the fights and one with dry bloodstains on her arm.

They have now asked for police presence.

According to the police report provided by the regional commander, Commissioner Ismael Basson, the suspect stabbed the victim with a knife on the right side of the stomach once. Basson said the suspect and victim were fighting over a cellphone.

 It is alleged Cloete took a knife and a witness tried to stop him from stabbing Gideon Hansen, also known as Gently. The knife fell and Hansen picked it up and stabbed Cloete. The next of kin were at the scene and therefore witnessed the incident.

Elia Iita Amalovu from the committee of homeless people, described the incident as traumatising as the “victim’s intestines were outside after the stabbing”.

“It was a bad day for us seeing our person lying in a pool of blood. They were just arguing about a cellphone and it resulted in sorrow,” he said.

He explained that the suspect bought a phone from Cloete and paid 75% of the price. It is alleged the deceased and his partner confronted the suspect. He allegedly grabbed the suspect’s phone from the charger and decided to keep it until he paid the outstanding amount. The decision did not sit well with the suspect who decided to get his phone back. Cloete ran to grab the knife and they tussle over it. 

Hansen then managed to get the knife and stab Cloete once in the stomach and fled. 

“That was the end of it. It was not something major to result in death,” said Amalovu.

Amalovu explained that drug and alcohol abuse is high among these people and requested the Namibian Police to deploy some members there for patrol.

“ In the beginning, the police were deployed here 24/7 when we were brought here. Everything was fine and normal but now you have to see blood every day from people fighting and injuring each other, especially when they are intoxicated,” the committee member said.

Another committee member added that when people are not under the influence of alcohol and drugs there is joy. 

“When there is no alcohol, people are happy and sweet. They become one family. No quarrels, no fights and no injuries. But in the evening when people taste something, there is drama here. You cannot believe how people are fighting and it is no longer safe here,” he said on condition of anonymity.

He further decided not to comment on the incident saying the victim was close to his heart.

Another resident also indicated that both the victim and suspect were not sober during the incident because if they were, they would not get involved in a fight.

While another resident, who also prefers not to be named accused the security guards of not helping when people are fighting, saying he too supports the deployment of police.

However, Basson said the police cannot afford to deploy its members there permanently.

“We cannot afford that. The police officers cannot be in one place. There are securities there and they do not even respect the securities. We cannot do that, but we can do regular patrols,” he said.

 “If you go there, you will see blood everywhere. Those people are fighting every day,” he added.


2022-07-20  Loide Jason

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