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Wine of The Week - Bizoe Genant 2020

2022-09-23  Staff Reporter

Wine of The Week - Bizoe Genant 2020

     Petrus Vatilifa


When it comes to new wines to try, the label is important. 

The label must be appealing enough to attract new customers who have not had a chance to try it before and are in the aisle looking for a new bottle of wine to try. 

It should be able to communicate with the people before the bottle is opened.

The Bizoe Genant 2020 just happens to be doing exactly that. 

It seems to whisper to you, ‘Come try me!’ the moment you set eyes on it. 

Perhaps it is the name Bizoe that originates from the French word, ‘bisous’, which translates to “kisses” in English. 

Its design is so rich that it will convince you to spend a few bucks on it. 

It is produced by Bizoe Wines, South Africa. 

Bizoe Genant 2020 is a blend of Syrah, Mourvèdre and Grenache. 

It is not an easy job to create a blend that accentuates each grape’s virtues, like it has been done with Genant 2020. 

Syrah brings in the strong black fruit presence, and the Mourvèdre complements it with its meaty character. 

The Grenache gives it the perfect floral essence it could ever have. 

The Bizoe Genant 2020 is a dry, full-bodied wine. 

It has a fruity mouth-feel that eliminates most of the heavy dryness felt in red wines. 

On the nose, there are traces of cinnamon, with aromas of black cherry and red current. 

It can be paired with lamb chops, veal or simply over a braai plate of your favourite meat. 

It is the perfect wine to unwind with on a Saturday evening while catching up with the past week’s activities you could not fit into your tight schedule. 

It is also a perfect wine to gift to your wine-loving friends and family. 

Everyone loves a unique and fancy wine that also boasts great quality. 

Add it to your wine bucket list, and have a go at it. 

Enjoy Responsibly!


* Petrus Vatilifa is part of the Windhoek Wine Club.

2022-09-23  Staff Reporter

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