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Blossom bounces back with Taleni ...talks new music, motherhood

2022-08-19  Aletta Shikololo

Blossom bounces back with Taleni ...talks new music, motherhood

Ongwediva - Melodic singer Blossom will at the end of this month bring to a close her over three-year self-imposed music hiatus with the release of her new album ‘Taleni’. The album, which is named after her son born earlier this year, will be launched at a local eatery in Ongwediva. It will be followed by a road tour, set to begin at the end of this year. On the occasion of her return to the stage after several years of largely devoting herself to other areas of her life, the multi-award-winning musician set down with VIBEZ!, helped us look back at her musical life that began over a decade ago, and also shared with us her future goals.

Real name Ruusa Ndapewa Munalye, Blossom said after a stint across the globe, she is back to give back to her fans the “Blossom they once had”.

The songstress rose to stardom in 2012 after the debut of her first album ‘Komuthima Gwomeya’, through which she won the hearts of many music lovers locally and across the borders. The album saw her walk away with four awards at the Namibian Annual Music Awards the following year. 

Fast forward to today, and Blossom’s CV comprises gigs many can only dream of bagging. The ‘Ndikupapatele’ hitmaker said she is beyond excited about this upcoming album and her return to the music industry.  

“I am back with a new sound, and also something that will remind my fans of the Blossom they once had. I think this perfectly shows the commitment to innovation, growth and development in the industry,” she told VIBEZ! 

Her return to the industry with new music was a conscious decision, with her controlling the narrative.

“I told myself that I was going to return with something that I love, and that’s music. 

I can’t wait for my fans to listen to this.” Asked what prompted the interval in her career, Blossom disclosed having lost track at some point in the industry. However, she believes she has now got it all under control. “The industry kind of put us under pressure to create new music or get back in the studio without being driven by inspiration, and I think that is where I kind of lost it because I wasn’t inspired. Creating music without a strong purpose or inspiration takes away authenticity because you start releasing just computer recordings rather than getting in the studio with your guitar and creating that authentic original sound,” 

she reasoned.


‘Taleni’, whichloosely translates

to “watch” or “look” in Oshiwambo, is a 15-track album that Blossom describes as “versatile and beautiful”.

“The album will definitely speak for itself, but all I can say right now is that ‘Taleni’ is a combination of different genres – rap, hip hop, but also very much Afro-pop, with the majority of the songs being RnB with a Toni Braxton feel. It’s a beautiful combination.” Although she has incorporated new sounds, complemented by different African languages, she assured her fans that she has not lost her original sound as it is what keeps her unique. “I have also not featured a lot of artists on this album because I still want to stick to my sound.” Blossom mentioned having worked on the album while abroad, with only a few touch-ups done locally.“I have worked with Samuel Mbatola, and we did a song called ‘Omuholike’, which is a love song. Overall, I have only featured three or four artists. The producer is also not from Namibia.”



The first-time mother defines motherhood as “beautiful”.

“Having a child really does change the way you think, and I did a lot of reflection on my life and career. The fact that I now am a mother and still focus on my music full- time is awesome. I think I now want twins,” she said laughingly.  Blossom is still the fun-loving and outspoken personality her fans know, but “a lot more patient”, adding that she wants to be a role model and focus on her son and music.

She teased fans to look out for the song ‘Taleni’, which is the biggest inspiration behind the album. “‘Taleni’ is actually better than ‘Komthima Gwomeya’. It is filled with so much emotions and expressions, and it is relatable,” said the hitmaker.



Blossom also revealed that she’s back under the wing of Dr Ben Mulongeni, who initially managed her into the spotlight.

Although she has not worked with Mulongeni on the previous albums except for ‘Komuthima Gwomeya’, the songstress said she has always been under his leadership. “I cannot leave Tate Ben because he is a part of my life...he is like a father to me, and has made all this possible. So, with this album, I came back for his guidance as he did before. I didn’t leave him; I just took a long break,” she added. Also speaking to VIBEZ!, Mulongeni assured music lovers that they will be blown away by ‘Taleni’.


2022-08-19  Aletta Shikololo

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