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Businesses urged to support rural ICT goals

2021-09-03  John Muyamba

Businesses urged to support rural ICT goals

John Muyamba

NKURENKURU – In the country’s quest to increase access, the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology has installed internet to 26 rural ICT centres, established in the most remote parts of all 14 regions to lay a foundation in rural areas for e-governance. 

However, in Kavango West, there is only one rural ICT centre, which is at the Mpungu constituency office. ICT minister Peya Mushelenga has urged local businesses to invest in ICT centres in the region.

Mushelenga made the remarks during the official opening of the ministry’s new regional office in Nkurenkuru on Monday.

“The Mpungu centre that I just alluded to is certainly not enough, and I appeal to the business sector in the Kavango West region to augment government’s efforts by supporting the establishment and sustenance of rural ICT centres in other remote areas,” he said. 

Mushelenga noted that if businesses support government’s efforts in establishing ICT centres, they would not only ensure equitable access to ICTs by all citizens, including disadvantaged groups, and rural communities, but it will improve their livelihood. 

“I am happy with the commitment displayed so far by the community members to ensure that this centre does not become a white elephant. This is one of the centres that have been well managed by its volunteers – so much so that they are able to earn a small allowance from the income generated by the centre. This is, indeed, plausible,” he said.


2021-09-03  John Muyamba

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