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Children with disability receive donation

2023-08-04  Max Heinrich

Children with disability receive donation

ONGWEDIVA – The Response Action Based Organisation on Tuesday donated food parcels, nappies and clothes to mothers with children with different disabilities.

According to community activist against gender-based violence Zackary Itodo, the donations are a way of giving back to those who are less fortunate.

During the donation handover at the National Federation of People with Disability office in Oshakati, Itodo urged mothers to report any violence they might be going through or witnessing in the community.

“Some of us are witnessing violence at home but we are silent, which is very bad. Let us learn to report violence when we see people beating their wives or wives beating their husbands or boyfriend and girlfriend fighting. We hear of family members speaking of committing suicide, but we do not say anything or alert the police – and it is very wrong. Let us learn to report abuse,” he pleaded.

Itodo highlighted that many men do not take up the responsibilities of taking care of their children with disabilities, and they are runaway fathers.

“I thank you for taking care of these children until this age; some parents would have dumped these children or gotten tired but you are still taking care of your children. God has given them to you – and let us not worry about what other people might say; continue taking care of your innocent children,” he said.

Oshana police spokesperson Inspector Thomas Aiyambo warned mothers that he does not want to hear that children with disabilities are being mistreated.

“We want to be alerted that the certain child needs help – not that he or she is being abused. We know that children born with a disability receive monthly social grants, but we get a lot of reports that the money is not used to benefit or provide for the child,” said Aiyambo.

Earlier in the day, Itodo also donated educational books, nappies and baby clothes to Oshana Nampol women’s network division to support their good cause of giving back to the community.

Community gender liaison officer Lancy Tjomboude thanked Itodo for helping mothers living with children with disabilities.

“I really appreciate Itodo. Yesterday, he donated a lot of items to a certain lady, who seriously needed help. Our mothers cannot afford all these things – and this really makes a big change within the community. I hope he comes back again,” said Tjomboude.

2023-08-04  Max Heinrich

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