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Chinese businessmen robbed

2022-08-12  Loide Jason

Chinese businessmen robbed

The Khomas police are still pursuing six suspects who robbed a Chinese businessman of an undisclosed amount and goods worth N$1.4 million on Wednesday afternoon.

Regional police commander Ismael Basson said a case of robbery with aggravating circumstances was registered on Wednesday,  10 August at about 10h00 in Riethaan Street, Hochland Park after suspects held the complainant at gunpoint and took his valuebles. 

Six suspects came to the complainant’s house, grabbed the security guard, rang the doorbell and one opened the door, took three laptops, four cellphones and a CCTV memory box.

Basson added that the total cash amount which had been withdrawn for buying construction materials was still undisclosed, but the victim recalled the US$10 000  and N$24 000.

Sun Gong reportedly has some construction work going on at his residence, and allegedly told the police that he kept the large amount at home for buying material in case they got depleted.

Meanwhile, Khomas police spokesperson Silas Shipandeni cautioned businessmen to be vigilant following another robbery with aggravated circumstances which occurred on Wednesday, 10 August at MHM Logistics CC in the Brakwater area around 19h55. 

According to Shipandeni, unknown armed male suspects entered the premises unlawfully, and went to the dormitories in which a Chinese manager and his employees sleep, and held them at gunpoint. 

“The suspects handcuffed the Chinese victim, and started to assault him for him to submit to their demands to give them money. The suspects further took several cellphones and cash before fleeing,” he explained.

Seven cellphones and cash of N$5 000 has been stolen, and not yet recovered.

The victim, 55-year-old Chinese national Qiao Amin, was treated in the Katutura State Hospital for minor injuries. 

Investigations into the two matters continue, while no arrest has been made so far.

2022-08-12  Loide Jason

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