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Councillor pleads for new school …over 500 Goreangab children not placed in school

2023-01-26  Loide Jason

Councillor pleads for new school …over 500 Goreangab children not placed in school

The Samora Machel constituency councillor, Nestor Kalola, is asking government to establish a temporary school at Goreagab to accommodate 529 learners, who are at home, having failed to secure a place in a school for this year.

The councillor indicated there is a need for three primary schools and one secondary school in the area due to the rapidly increasing number of children in the area.

The list, seen by New Era at the constituency office yesterday, shows that the number of learners could not secure placement for grade zero up to grade 11, which, according to Kalola, is enough to establish a new school. The list comprises grades 0 (66), one (145), two (68), three (51), four (52), five (31), six (22), seven (22), eight (50), nine (6), 10 (10) and grade 11 (six). “I had several meetings with the community of Goreagab informal settlement to find a solution to the problem; however, the only solution that can resolve this matter is for government to create a temporary school – even tents – so that all Namibian children will be in the same space,” he explained.

He said the situation was the same last year, and he wrote a letter to the education regional office requesting primary and secondary schools in the area, which proved

“It has become a high and worrying concern and demand to the leadership and community of Goreagab that there is an increasing number of children in the settlement. Complaints have been raised by community leaders, parents and the community at large that there is a lack of schools in the settlement, which led to various negative factors,” he said.

The councillor also indicated that the informal settlement has seen a number of children walking long distances to access schools far away from their settlement.

“Those who got placement have to wake up early morning hours to travel to the schools, which, in some cases, is dark and very dangerous. These learners are faced with crime, and they are at risk of child trafficking and rape,” he said.

With that said, the councillor demands that a school be opened as soon as possible to mitigate some of the above factors.


2023-01-26  Loide Jason

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