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Councillor warns against Etosha trespassing

2022-03-29  Victoria Kaapanda

Councillor warns against Etosha trespassing

Members of the public are warned against entering the Etosha National Park in a bid to harvest mopane worms.

The councillor of the Uuvudhiya constituency, Timoteus Shivute, said hundreds of people from all parts of Namibia flock to the Uuvudhiya and Okatjali constituencies that are blessed with mopane trees, and where plenty of mopane worms occur naturally.   

He stated that they are concerned about the increasing number of people invading and camping inside Etosha to harvest the worms. “We are not stopping them from harvesting, but they should desist from camping; it is very dangerous,” he added. 

Harvesters normally camp in the area until they have harvested enough. According to the councillor, it is dangerous to invade Etosha, as they can be mistaken for criminals or poachers.

They can also get attacked by wild animals. “I also urge farmers not to allow their animals to graze inside the national park. 

It is dangerous, as cattle will be attacked by wild animals,” he advised. Ongandjera traditional authority spokesperson Shiimi Shangula likewise advised the public not to enter private farms and harvest mopane worms without permission from headmen. 

“We are appealing to the public to desist from this conduct. You cannot enter someone’s private property and start harvesting mopane worms; you need to get consent,” Shangula cautioned. 

He said a case of trespassing will likewise be opened against harvesters going without permission from headmen. He warned that trespassing will be prosecuted as per the traditional authorities’ law, while the harvesting permit is N$200. 

2022-03-29  Victoria Kaapanda

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