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‘Damara punch goddess’ back to claim her throne

2021-02-12  Aletta Shikololo

‘Damara punch goddess’ back to claim her throne

 Aletta Shikololo

Known for her bizarre name, extravagant outfits and energetic performances, the Ma/Gaisa showstopper, Female donkey aka Femalo, is back to claim what’s hers.

Entertainment Now! caught up with Female Donkey, real name Magdalena Angela Huros !Gontes, to chat about what she has been up to and about her newly released album.

“Since 2017 till 2019, I have just been busy promoting my political party and my president. Last year, I was busy with my album that I just released last month. I am back in the game,” said the political enthusiast.

Although Female Donkey said she is quite excited to be back and show what people have been missing, she also expresses dismay at the level of tribalism and favouritism in the industry.

“There is too much tribalism and favouritism among artists, music promoters and event organisers. I see how they are treating the young artist and I am unhappy with it,” she said disappointedly.

 Female Donkey said despite the challenges in the industry, she is, however, coming back to inspire and entertain the nation.

“I don’t care if they don’t invite me to their shows or put me on the same posters with their favourites. I have learnt to grow a thicker skin,” she said.

She pointed out at an incident that happened when she started her music career, pushing her to do better on the entertainment scene.

“My first album launch was only attended by five people. Only five; I was quite disappointed but I never gave up. Here I am; strong and nobody can ever break me down,” said the resilient and confident singer.


Dos and Don’ts 

in the industry 

The award-winning singer is also full of advice for aspiring, upcoming musicians who want to make it in the industry.

“This game is a jungle; if you are hunting for the top position, make sure you can maintain it because if you are soft-hearted, you will not last in this industry,” she riddled, adding that making music is not for the faint-hearted. 

She further encouraged fellow artists to be mindful of whom they mingle with, saying the industry is competitive and full of backstabbers. Indeed, she is twice shy.

“If you are not careful, you are finished,” she stated.


What’s in the pipeline

Female Donkey, who just released her 10th album, titled ‘Damara punch goddess’, said she is currently working on youth projects and animal advocacy campaigns. 



2021-02-12  Aletta Shikololo

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