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Educating the Namibian child is everyone’s business 

2023-10-02  John Muyamba

Educating the Namibian child is everyone’s business 

Namibians should be at the forefront of supporting initiatives to educate the Namibian child, National Council chairperson and Mankumpi constituency councillor Lukas Sinimbo Muha has stated.

He was speaking at a gala dinner organised by the Kehemu Junior Primary School at Rundu a week ago when the school managed to raise funds amounting to N$53 000.

“Education is everybody’s business. We are all stakeholders and shareholders in our own right, and we are all saddled with a very important responsibility to ensure that we secure a brighter future for our children and for this country,’’ Muha said.

Shining a light on the importance of educating the Namibian child, he reasoned that education opens up new doors such as self-employment and employment of others, as educated people can use their gained knowledge to make a living by establishing enterprises or businesses that will create employment for others and
self. “Education ensures equality. There was a time when women were not counted nor considered in employment and leadership positions. But today, because of independence and the education that we have agreed upon in Namibia to be the equaliser, women are also leading,’’ he emphasised.

“The Namibian child needs our collective support because by supporting or committing to support this fundraising, we are going to guarantee quality education. By guaranteeing quality education, we are going to secure a better tomorrow for our Namibian child,” Muha noted.

The gala dinner was attended by amongst others Swapo member of parliament Johanna Kandjimi and the Rundu urban constituency councillor and vice chairperson of the National Council Victoria Kauma, who applauded Muha for supporting her constituency. 

“He is a real leader. He did not say that it is not my constituency nor my region, but he just stepped in and said I want to go and assist where development is needed,” said Kauma, who pledged to buy 30 bags of cement for the

Kehemu JP School has earlier been operating as Kehemu Primary School, but was last year split into two schools, being Kehemu Senior Primary and Kehemu Junior Primary School. The senior primary section will use the current school infrastructure, while the junior primary department has been weaned off to an adjacent open space, and now needs its own classrooms. The school is now thus seeking funds to establish itself.

The current enrolment at Kehemu JP is 1 475 learners with 38 staff members. With the junior primary section moving out, it will provide space to Rundu’s most overcrowded school.


2023-10-02  John Muyamba

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