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Filicide suspect previously killed wife

2023-06-14  John Muyamba

Filicide suspect previously killed wife

SAPIRAMA – A man who turned himself over to police in Kavango West yesterday, after allegedly killing his daughter, has previously served prison time for killing his wife.

The 55-year-old man from Sapirama village in Kavango West yesterday turned himself in at Ncaute police station after killing his 17-year-old daughter, Maria Isoni Simbungu, by stabbing her three times on the chest and several times on different parts of her body before 08h00 yesterday.

He cannot yet be named, as he has not appeared in court.

According to the family, the filicide suspect was in 2021 released from prison after he served his term for the murder of the mother of his children.

“But since he came out, he has not caused problems at the village until today when he killed his daughter in cold blood. We are also shocked as we did not see it coming,” said a village elder, Paulus Malinus, a neighbour to the homestead were the ordeal happened. 

“The suspect killed his daughter. There was no altercation, whatsoever. The child stays with her boyfriend and early morning she came home as she usually does and the father called her to his hut and there he stabbed her several times. After that he left the homestead and passed through mine and went to turn himself in to the police,” said Malinus. 

He stabbed her twice on the right breast and once on the left breast. Another stab wound on the back and another bellow the back left thigh and she was left for dead.

The suspect’s father, Kasimba Haipanda, who is the grandfather to the deceased, was asleep in his hut and was not aware of what was happening at that time. 

“I didn’t see what knife he used but I was just informed of what happened and I found her dead in the room. I was not aware of any misunderstanding if there were any, when it happened, I was asleep,” he said.

Felip Haimbodi, the deceased victim’s boyfriend said she left his place to go to Ncaute and later he heard the sad news that she was no more. “She left early morning at 05h00 saying she was going to pass by home first and later go with her sister to Ncaute to use Wi-Fi,” he said.

Caption: (Murder)

2023-06-14  John Muyamba

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