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Geingob bids farewell to Cuban ambassador

2023-01-31  Loide Jason

Geingob bids farewell to Cuban ambassador

President Hage Geingob says Namibia will continue to support Cuba because of the Caribean island nation’s invaluable support to Namibia during its liberation struggle. President Geingob shared this sentiment yesterday during the farewell courtesy call by Cuba’s outgoing ambassador to Namibia Sidenio Acosta Aday. 

At the event, the President reaffirmed Namibia would not be where it is today if it was not for Cuba’s valiant efforts. 

Aday told President Geingob the relationship between Namibia and Cuba, which is currently governed by a bilateral agreement covering areas of cooperation, including economics, health and education, needs to continue. 

The ambassador elaborated that although he has accomplished his mission to Namibia, cooperation and communication between the two countries must continue particularly as the ways to connect, as it is now so much easier than in the past.

“Thank you very much for the cooperation of Namibia and Cuba for the past four years to facilitate our work bearing in the country. I made a lot of scenes of the cooperation between the two countries in that period. We will continue working and strengthening the relationship between Namibia and Cuba,” said Aday. 

The outgoing ambassador further noted that in terms of support and cooperation, Namibia can always count on Cuba due to the exemplary working relationship between the two States. 

Aday then thanked the President for the support Namibia rendered to Cuba during the Geingob administration. 

Geingob reiterated that the youth from both countries should understand Cuba’s tremendous support for Namibia during the tough times. 

“People, especially the young people, are asking why we always support and talk about Cuba. We support Cuba because they are fighters. They fought for our independence and Angola,” Geingob explained. 

The outgoing Cuban ambassador has been in Namibia for four years and is expected to leave the country today.

Cuban support

Cuba involved itself in the Angolan Civil War In 1975 by sending troops in support of the communist-aligned People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) against the pro-western National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA). 

South African forces invaded Angola in support of the UNITA forces. 

However, to bolster support for Angola, Cuban forces increased to 50 000 soldiers, who fought alongside Swapo soldiers against South African troops. 

In March 1991, President Sam Nujoma paid an official visit to Cuba and met with President Fidel Castro. 

While in Cuba, both nations signed a protocol agreement. 

In September 1998, Cuban President Fidel Castro paid an official visit to Namibia and met with President Nujoma. 

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, Cuba has sent hundreds of doctors and other professionals to assist Namibia in the health, construction and education sectors. 

In 2020, both nations celebrated 30 years of diplomatic relations. 


2023-01-31  Loide Jason

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