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Hadino Hishongwa still without water

2022-11-14  Loide Jason

Hadino Hishongwa still without water

The community of Hadino Hishongwa location behind Goreangab Dam, in the Samora Machel constituency, continues to consume wastewater.

It flows in a stream that runs from the Goreangab sewage dam. 

This is despite the Khomas regional council buying water tokens worth N$30 000 from the municipality for 100 of the most vulnerable residents.

Only 40 people have thus far registered to receive water tokens. 

However, they will only get access to clean water once all 100 have been registered. 

The lack of communication between community leaders and community members of Hadino Hishongwa is blamed for the slow uptake of free water tokens by residents.

New Era published an article in August this year, highlighting the plight of the residents in the mountainous area who use filthy water due to lack of clean water points and unaffordable and inaccessible prepaid cards (water tokens).

When New Era made a return visit to the area last week, it came to light that community members were not aware of the free water, and blamed community leaders for not informing them.

“The regional government responded positively in October when the payment was successfully confirmed by the City of Windhoek. However, the challenge is people are now slow to submit their documents for the city to start processing the cards,” said regional constituency councillor Nestor

He told this publication on enquiry that the government bought the token cards to assist the vulnerable community who said they can no longer afford to buy cards following the 100% increase in price.

The community includes 46 families who were placed there by the City of Windhoek on 28 December 2021.  

When Khomas governor Laura McLeod-Katjirua visited the area in August, she expressed concern and said an urgent intervention will be launched to provide clean water to the affected people.

Chairperson of the regional council Clement Mafwila, said the situation of the residents was unacceptable and they used funds from the Disaster Risk Management confers to make water available.

“We have paid the money and now it is the responsibility of the councillor to ensure that those people have cards and can drink clean water,” he added.


2022-11-14  Loide Jason

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