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Kaposiao advocates for technical training

2022-12-06  Staff Reporter

Kaposiao advocates for technical training

She has trained young and upcoming seamstresses, designers and fashion entrepreneurs. In over 15 years since she graduated from a fashion design school in Cape Town, she has worked for one of Namibia’s largest garment manufacturing plants while successfully running her own fashion business.

As such, Beverly Kaposiao has become a household name in the country over the years, not only in the fashion industry but the business sector at large. She has managed to successfully establish her company, Charity Fashion, while embarking on various projects such as training and consultancy in the fashion and garment industry.

About a month ago, the Namibian queen of garment and textiles, as she is affectionately known, jumped ship after serving for over 10 years at the August 26 Holdings company.

The Charity Fashion close corporation, which is Kaposiao’s main business among her other entrepreneurial interests, was started 15 years ago in a room at a relative’s house. The name Charity Fashion was 

inspired by her passion for fashion and philanthropy.

Today, Kaposiao, who was born near Grootfontein but grew up in Windhoek , employs over 40 people across the country. She has in the past trained and employed more people. After her recent finalisation of an Export Trading course, she believes the knowledge she gained will pave way for her next move with regard to business exposure, training and development.

She wants to train more people and pass on more knowledge.

“I advocate for technical vocational education and training (TVET) because the beneficiaries of the training are the very first people that need to be motivated if anyone is to start a business,” said Kaposiao. 

“As it is, the gap between vocational training centres and industries is wide. I’d like to see the gap closing,” she noted. 

Vocational trainees, according to Kaposiao, are hands on productive from day one because they are prepared to manufacture and produce tangible goods that can be sold.

“I have decided to go into business full time because I’m ready to give my time and blow the industry,” she said.

She added that her company Charity Fashion, also known as C-Fashion Namibia, has tremendous potential to become a larger company with a bigger employment capacity and training ability.

For years, Kaposiao’s involvement in training and development has been highlighted. From being a volunteer trainer at a skills development centre in Windhoek’s Katutura as a young graduate to becoming a moderator and assessor at vocational centres. In her career, she has always been a focused trainer and mentor. 

For over 10 years now, she has been registered with the Namibian Training Authority (NTA) as a certified assessor and moderator. 

“I advocate for vocational education and strongly believe that we need to use our hands to serve,” said the Okahandja -based entrepreneur.

According to Kaposiao, she has been involved with the NTA since 2010. 

“My goal now is to go from one vocational centre to the next to share the knowledge and give learners an introduction to the fashion business,” she added. 

Kaposiao recently started her first Fashion Talk in October at the National Arts Association and according to her, this feature will continue on a monthly basis.

Her ambition is to train and develop more talented fashion entrepreneurs across Namibia, in Africa and the world at large. As part of her expansion plans in the fashion business, Kaposiao recently sold 30% shares of her company to local and international entrepreneurs.

With three new directors in the company, she is positive her company will be able to penetrate larger markets in sub-Sahara Africa, particularly the continent’s most industrialised economy, South Africa, as well as European markets.

2022-12-06  Staff Reporter

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