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Letter - What will people say?

2022-09-30  Staff Reporter

Letter - What will people say?

Annette Mabuku  

 What will people say when they see me wearing second- hand clothing, what will people say when they see me shopping in this store, what will they say when they see me selling on the streets, what will people say about my old TV set, mobile phone and all sorts?

 How many people have lost life-changing opportunities to this question?

And we forget that people will always have an opinion about everyone and everything, in good or bad faith. 

Yes, as an individual who is part of the human society, there are moral and societal obligations that we need to consider when making decisions. However, there are decisions that need to be between you and you alone.

I do not need to consult my neighbours about moving from Khomasdal to the Olympia or Academia suburbs. If I can afford the living standard that side, well, bye Felicia! And likewise, if life in Cimbembacia has gone above my means, then that affordable suburb is the next stop.

Too often, we have considered too much what the next person thinks or says about my personal decisions. Too many times, we have sought for validation from society, but we don’t ask ourselves as in how does  this make me feel, am I okay, am I happy with this decision, how does it affect my Creator? We are just concerned with what the other person will say.

We are currently in an economic turmoil, and life has become hard, if not harder already.  And some of us are making adjustments in order to make ends meet. This includes purchasing and renting properties in qualifying suburbs. But then again, we ask ourselves, what will people say when I move from Kleine Kuppe to Khomasdal, from Eros to Wanaheda? 

Downgrading? Yes, we are downgrading to stay sane and comfortable. My sister, my brother, you are saving yourself financial headaches and sleepless nights - busy thinking of where you will get your next 50 dollars for fuel.

If moving from Klein Windhoek to Soweto will save you an extra penny, please move.

Surely, you have seen those who buy cars at people’s expense. “What will people say when they see me driving a Toyota Tazz”? Brotherman, sister girl, that’s what you can afford. After all, the fuel consumption is also reasonable with that model. But again” I’m a director, they need to see me driving a Mercedes Benz”. C’mon, really, for who, who cares? You are just financially handcuffing yourself.

Friends, I would have mentioned many social aspects that affect us but we expect society to make these choices for us. However, for now I will leave it with the finances. 

Finally, as individuals, we need to arrive at an understanding that this is your life, you pay the bills, and if you are comfortable with that job, in that apartment/ house, if you are happy with that Midge, guys stay and be content with that. Some of us are cycling our BMX to work, others are cruising in their fast and furious machines, and the rest are excising on their feet.

Remember! Downgrading to meet your priorities will keep you mentally and physically fit; people’s opinions will not pay your bills. It’s not a sin to downgrade from car Y to car X. Enjoy your ride with peace of mind. 

Let me conclude with a disclaimer. Being content with what you have now should not stop you from striving for more and better opportunities!

Despite signs of an improvement in the economy, there is no room for complacency.

And by the way, the people that we are trying to please may not even be paying attention, so we could be wasting time and resources. 

On a lighter note...What will people say about this article? Well, I don’t know, but I’m at peace with it.

2022-09-30  Staff Reporter

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