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Liberal Apparel and local influencers collaborate

2022-02-28  Paheja Siririka

Liberal Apparel and local influencers collaborate

Liberal Apparel, an online Namibian men’s apparel clothing brand, is collaborating with local influencers to market the business in return for remuneration.

This is was done to credit and appreciate local influencers for the valuable impact they can have on local brands, said co-founder Christopher Freygang during the contract-signing ceremony recently.

The list of ambassadors: ‘Soek Soek’ artist Mega; actor and host Adriano Visagie; fashionista Jason Dietlik; and TikTok sensation Aina Samuels, popularly known as Popo. 

Freygang said part of their aim is to grow the Namibian market with trendy and stylish products of high quality, and at the same time create an innovative and collaborative environment for ambassadors in different fields of the arts – “a mission they intend on taking head-on while taking advantage of the current times”.

“We are blessed to live in a digital age where we can collaborate with local influencers to market the business, and them benefitting from a structured remuneration system,” he shared.

Liberal Apparel, or LBRL in short, boasts an array of men’s clothing and accessories such as custom-fit golfers, high-end T-shirts and shorts, slides, bracelets, chains and wallets. The brand aims to become a household name in the Land of the Brave, providing quality fashion at an affordable price. The clothing brand has been in existence since 23 December 2019.

“Each influencer receives a voucher that can be used for any of our products. They also receive a personalised discount code with which they will promote the brand, and receive a portion of the sales,” explained Freygang.

On his part, Visagie highlighted the importance of local faces promoting local products and services, and looked forward to the cooperation with the clothing brand.

“I’m looking forward to the partnership with LBRL because it ignites current quality in Namibian merchandise. It’s important to have more local products with this partnership. I envision LBRL to bring forth more of my bold fashion through new designs, and be the preferred local brand every Namibian household wants to stock,” he stated.

Visagie expressed hope that Namibians will become accustomed to online shopping, as the LBRL brand and online platform is one of the best and client-friendly platforms to use.-

2022-02-28  Paheja Siririka

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