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Local authorities should upgrade – /Goagoses

2022-12-06  Staff Reporter

Local authorities should upgrade – /Goagoses

Linekela Halwoodi


Local authority councillors attending the annual induction in Swakopmund this week have been urged to gear their efforts towards upgrading their statuses in the municipality within the next two years.

The councillors and management have also been warned to steer clear from infighting, as it derails the progress of service provision in their respective councils.

Urban and rural development deputy minister Natalia /Goagoses during the official opening directed all 52 local authorities’ representatives to make meaningful contributions to the realisation of the national agenda to bring prosperity to all Namibians.

 “This induction workshop will lay a foundation for your effective and efficient performance as the newly elected and sworn-in councillors, as it will cover various critical areas pertaining to the local government operations, administration and governance that are aimed at equipping you with the basic information and skills to be able to run your councils effectively and efficiently,” said /Goagoses. 

“A councillor is a people’s servant. We are in the provision of public services, which are referred to at your level as municipal services and to attend to the people’s needs within the framework of those services.”

The deputy minister has also warned councillors to refrain from victimisation, favouritism, nepotism and blocking of development within their local authorities.

“It is required from you honourable councillors to provide the municipal services, which are outlined in the Local Authorities Act. It is not a joke. There cannot be time for honourable councillors to even spend a second on unnecessary issues because your fiduciary duty is mammoth,” she said.

Local authorities have been encouraged to live up to the expectations set, such as providing water and building roads.

 “Why are some local authorities performing well and others not? Why are we not getting the services from some local authorities – probably the answers to these questions from the people who put you in these offers shall come this week.”

Also speaking at the induction, Swakopmund mayor Dina Namubes, reminded fellow councillors of their responsibilities. 

 “We need to bear in mind that due to our mandate to perform duties that are essential for the improvement of our respective towns we, local authorities, have significant roles to play in the growth of our nation,” she said.

“This includes land delivery, employment creation, investment as well as disaster management – just to name a few. Therefore, it is imperative that we are well acquainted with the rules and regulations so that we are guided in our daily decision-making. Thus, the significance of this workshop cannot be overstated, and I want to thank the ministry and each representative for making it happen.”

Namubes said it is of paramount importance that local authorities cooperate and cross-subsidise knowledge, skills and expertise to combat challenges to learn from each other and improve service delivery for the benefit of Namibians.

2022-12-06  Staff Reporter

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