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Man found dead at pastor’s camp

2022-08-05  John Muyamba

Man found dead at pastor’s camp

John Muyamba

RUNDU – The police in Kavango West are investigating a case of a 25-year-old man, who was discovered dead at a campsite in Nkurenkuru, where a pastor allegedly camps with his followers who seek prayer and healing.

The police have not yet made an arrest in the matter, as they await autopsy outcomes.

According to a police report, “a death incident was reported, which occurred on Wednesday at about 07h00 at Maporeza location in Nkurenkuru. It is alleged that the deceased, Andreas Matamo Sitentu, a 25-year-old Namibian male, a resident of Namavambi village, Kavango West region, was found dead by his girlfriend’’.

The police information further indicated the victim was ostensibly sick, and he was allegedly brought to the 35-year-old pastor’s premises during the month of July for prayers. 

It is further alleged the victim was taken to the hospital in the past but there was no improvement on his unknown ailments.  His next of kin were informed. 

The pastor is not arrested, pending the autopsy results. The police report further stated the church has no name. “The alleged pastor is just camping in the location, and his followers also camp in small tents,’’ police said. Last year, a self-proclaimed pastor, who allegedly prescribed a concoction that killed three people in Kavango West, was arrested. 

The three deceased and a fourth victim who survived the lethal prescription went to the pastor for “healing”. The preacher performed a sort of an enema to inject the concoction into the rectums of the victims.

The 25-year-old pastor, who was the main suspect, operated a church, called the Prophet of Victory Church, at Mutengo village in the Kavango West. 

After being hunted down by the police, they found him at Karukuvisa village, approximately 150km south of Rundu in the Kavango East region, where he was treating people for various ailments in villages.

Along with his co-accused, the pastor, who allegedly also acted as a healer of sorts, appeared in the Kahenge Magistrate’s Court in Nkurenkuru, where they were denied bail at the time.


2022-08-05  John Muyamba

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