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MTC increases coverage in Kavango regions

2022-08-17  John Muyamba

MTC increases coverage in Kavango regions

RUNDU - The 081Every1 network project will achieve 95% coverage in Kavango East once the two pending sites, namely Ncuse and Mbambi, go live.

“We are working to have them go live as soon as possible,’’ said MTC spokesperson Erasmus Nekundi, who provided New Era with an update on the MTC tower projects in the two Kavango regions.

The MTC 081Every1 network project, a national capital project driven to connect every citizen on the country’s national network grid, from 2G to 3G migration in rural areas, and 3G to 4G in towns, was launched in August 2017, and is committed to achieve close to 100% population coverage countrywide. 

“The project to date constructed 24 sites in Kavango East, with two sites, namely Ncuse and Mbambi, in the Mashare constituency yet to go live. The two pending sites are under phase three,’’ Nekundi stated.

During phase one, 12 sites were constructed at villages around the region, which included Andreas PSWT, Baramasoni, Shimpanda, Djaradjara, Katenture, Kayengona and Khaudum, Muhembo, Mupapama and Nyangana hospital and Shamaturu, and another at Kehemu East in Rundu.

During phase two, about seven sites were developed, being one at Andara hospital, Livayi, Max Makushe, which are in the Mukwe constituency, and another at Ncogo in the Ndiyona constituency, one at Shambyu and the last one at Yuru village, both in the Mashare constituency.

The latest towers were constructed in the third phase in different constituencies in Kavango East, which are Bagani, Kaisosi, Mabushe, Mbambi and Ncuse village.

“Ninety-five per cent of the population of Kavango East is covered, and MTC has upgraded the following sites to 4G, namely Katenture, Katere, Kayengona, Mashare, Mupapama, Nyangana Hospital, Omega and one at Shankara,’’ Nekundi noted.

In Kavango West, the 081Every1 project has since inception constructed about 20 sites in different constituencies. 

Three sites under phase three, namely Gava, Mpuku, and Kandere Farm, are under construction, and will have a radius of 15km each once commissioned. MTC is working to have them completed as soon as possible.

During phase one, about eight sites were constructed, being one each at Bravo, Mangetti, Kakuwa, Kamupupu, Kasera, Bunya, Sharukwe and Ncuncuni village. 

During phase two of the project, six sites were established and constructed, which are Calikawo Primary School, Erago village, Mburuuru Primary School, Naucova and Rukura Primary School and the Satotwa village. 

In the last phase, six sites were also constructed, being one at Gava, Kahenge, Kandere, Kulisuka water tower, Mpuku while the last one was erected at Nzinze village at farm Rotefels.

“So far, 90.01% of the population of Kavango West is covered. And in Kavango West Arendsnes, Bunya, Kamupupu, Katwitwi, Kaukuwa, Mpora, Ncamagoro and Ncaute have been upgraded to 4G,” he continued.

2022-08-17  John Muyamba

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