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MTC taking Namibian content to the world

2022-06-10  Paheja Siririka

MTC taking Namibian content to the world

Mobile Telecommunications Company has introduced MTCTV+, a regional online streaming platform aimed at connecting people to the latest music, sport, lifestyle and fashion, and ultimately, taking Namibian content to the world.

This was announced by the mobile service network provider on Wednesday at the launch of the platform.

“We have a lot of content creators in Namibia and we want to give them that platform to make money and become entrepreneurs,” said MTC spokesperson Tim Ekandjo.

He added: “We want to satisfy the thirst for entertainment, and ensure that people can access these platforms from the comfort of their homes”.

Ekandjo envisions MTCTV+ to become a worldwide brand and in every home in the future. 

MTCTV+ has partnered with company Evolve to primarily distribute and publish content, and collect royalties on behalf of artists. They assist in pre-packaging content and work with brands like Sony Movies and so forth.

“What that means is Namibian musicians don’t have to go through a middleman in order to get to online distribution stores. We don’t go through TuneCore or a distro kid; we go straight to the consumer, straight from Namibia to Apple Music and we collect royalties which is much easier,” said rapper Kamaaizemi Hoveka, popularly known as KP Illest, who is also the owner of Evolve.

He added: “We also publish your music to different hubs across the world. I am talking about YouTube, Sony Movies. For content creators, it’s exactly the same thing too. If you are a comedian, we are going to help with the production and improve on the quality”.

KP Illest further said the plan is not for them to be middleman necessarily, but to act as a “bodyguard” and ensure that creatives get everything they deserve. 

Entertainment journalist June Shimuoshili said the MTCTV+ initiative is a big deal as it will ensure that Namibian content creators who don’t financially benefit from online platforms, can now get the opportunity to make money.

“This will uplift creatives who haven’t benefited from YouTube and Netflix. It has to be inclusive. I urge the artists to put their best foot forward and make use of this blessing,” she said.

Shimuoshili said the way that creatives can milk this opportunity is to work together, and collaborate where they can. 

“Platforms like this call for unity. Artists must seek advice and assistance and create quality work. They can collaborate if need be but overall, make use of the opportunity presented to them to the optimum best,” she suggested.


2022-06-10  Paheja Siririka

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