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Namcor unveils high-spec world-class lubricants

2022-12-06  Staff Reporter

Namcor unveils high-spec world-class lubricants

The National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia (Namcor) last week launched a range of diverse sector and industry type lubricants just in time for the 2022 festive season and the start of 2023. 

Namcor’s lubricants are blended to the highest required specifications by its supplier (Pro Oil) in South Africa and have been enjoyed by the company’s customers in different segments since 2019. 

All Namcor lubricants are based on base oils of highly refined, hydro-processed technology, highly hydro-processed and hydro-cracked technology, semi-synthetic lubricants and pure synthetic lubricants. 

According to a Namcor statement, “The use of Group ll base oil technology, as a minimum standard, provides many advantages when compared to competitor lubricants based on Group l technology, as most everyday (engine oil, gear lubricants, hydraulic fluids, etc.) in Sub-Sahara Africa”.  

The advantages include oxidation, and thermal stability reduces oil ‘thickening’, varnish, sludge and gum, and it also reduces wear and maintenance requirements while increasing oil life, thus allowing extended oil drain periods. 

The range of lubricants also comprises water separability, which is particularly important for systems such as in turbine oils, circulation oils and hydraulic fluids – and it ultimately extends lubricant life and prevents rust and corrosion.

The Namcor lubricant range also includes air release technology. This is because all oils absorb air. As such, air entrainment is a dispersion of tiny air bubbles throughout the bulk fluid that can cause increased oil temperatures, pump cavitation and erratic movement of machine parts. 

Good air release provides good machine performance while extending the life of the equipment seals and oil. The Namcor range also encompasses superior performance at a similar cost. 

“Some of the countless advantages of doing business with us include nation-wide delivery, in-store promotional material, technical assistance and joint collaborations,” the Namcor statement added. 

2022-12-06  Staff Reporter

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