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Namdia: Natural resources must uplift youth

2023-02-06  Paheja Siririka

Namdia: Natural resources must uplift youth

The chairperson of Namib Desert Diamonds Bryan Eiseb told New Era that Namibia is endowed with natural resources, and there is a dire need to use that and uplift the youth and ultimately address issues of unemployment and education. 

He observed last week that it makes no sense that the country has an abundance of natural resources, but continues to face inequalities and poverty. 

“You ask yourself, why do we still have poverty today? Why do we have youth unemployment? I think it is time that we move into a renaissance in enlightenment, where the youth gets empowered using our natural resources. Because ultimately, they are the leaders of tomorrow,” he said at an event in Windhoek, where 14 students were awarded bursaries by the company. 

He added: “We need to set the culture and the legacy for our youth to benefit and eradicate poverty and unemployment. We cannot be in a country where we have graduates who do not have a job.” 

Established in October 2019, the Namdia Foundation functions as the corporate social responsibility vehicle of the company, founded with the purpose to combat Namibia’s social and economic ills through the fields of education, health and sport. 

“We are a small institution, and this is what the foundation is for, to assist. One diamond at a time. We’re going to make sure that representation from all regions every year is being facilitated by Namdia through the foundation so that we can start one step at a time and complement those other efforts that are existing,” added Eiseb.  Since its inception, the marketing and diamond sales’ institution has invested over N$30 million in various impact programmes, and anticipates continuing to be involved in life-changing initiatives. 

CEO Alisa Namupolo told this publication that commercial and public enterprises have a shared responsibility of using the necessary resources to transform the economy. 

“You have been hearing a lot about the skills shortages in the country, or students not qualified enough for the job market. And we believe this is not just the government’s responsibility, but that we as corporates have a significant role to play in shaping a better society that we want,” she noted. 

She said the list of students who have been admitted or enrolled at institutions of higher education but don’t have funding is astronomical. 

“We have to do more; there are a lot of people applying for master’s funding. So, there is a gap, and that’s where we want to impact,” she continued. 

Amupolo hinted that under the education pillar, they have lined up projects for this year, including the building of classroom blocks in the Kavango and Kunene regions.


2023-02-06  Paheja Siririka

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