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Ndeitunga warns rogue cops abetting smuggling 

2021-10-11  Victoria Kaapanda

Ndeitunga warns rogue cops abetting smuggling 

Victoria Kaapanda

Police chief Sebastian Ndeitunga has accused some “rotten apples” within the force of abetting the smuggling of illegal objects into police cells.  According to Ndeitunga, no matter how often the police intensify efforts to make sure that no illegal objects are sneaked into police cells, dangerous items still find their way inside cells. He said cell phones, several sharp objects and drugs were confiscated last week in the Oshakati holding cells. 

“Finding illegal objects in the police cells is nothing new, it is a trend across the country. How this happens is a mystery. Each time police officers will always find these unwanted things, how they get inside, nobody knows,” Ndeitunga said while officiating during the opening of the Oshakati vehicle clearance office, Oshakati police filling station and the Ongwediva police holding cells on Friday. 

Ndeitunga said the police conduct regular searches every week in which dangerous objects, cell phones and cigarettes, among others, are recovered and seized. “I tend to believe that we still have some rotten apples among good police officers. I am convinced that police officers are conniving and collaborating with inmates and members of the public to smuggle contrabands and other illegal items into the cells,” stressed Ndeitunga. 

He urged police officers, who are involved in these detestable and criminal conduct to forthwith cease. He further advised police commanders to ensure that members who are managing police holding cells do not develop personal relationships with inmates, and to execute their duties as stipulated in the Police Act (Act 19 of 1990) as amended.

“I thus urge all commanders to improve on supervision and control to uphold to the policing standards and behaviour, as there will always be consequences to bear in failing to comply with the set regulations,” he said. 

According to Ndeitunga, the construction projects of the Oshakati police vehicle clearance office and the Oshakati filling station were handed over to contractors in February 2020, while the work was completed last month. 

The clearance office, which consists of a strong room, a counter office, ablution facilities, a vehicle inspection pit, external work and parking impound yard, was completed at a total cost of N$9.7 million. The Oshakati police filling station cost taxpayers N$3.2 million, while the Ongwediva police holding cells cost nearly N$11 million. 

2021-10-11  Victoria Kaapanda

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