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New and interactive website for central bank

2022-12-07  Staff Reporter

New and interactive website for central bank

The Bank of Namibia’s new website, scheduled to go live on 12 December 2022, will act as the central bank’s main instrument for responsively and dynamically engaging and educating stakeholders. Governor of the Bank of Namibia Johannes !Gawaxab launched a new website for the bank on 24 November during a stakeholder engagement in Oshana region. 

The new website demonstrates the bank’s commitment as set out in its 2022-2024 Strategic Plan to elevate stakeholder engagement to respond effectively to stakeholders’ needs. By doing so, the bank intends to accomplish its stated objective to digitally transform the institution and the financial sector it regulates while also assisting the country in achieving long-term economic recovery. 

In an increasingly virtual age, the website is a crucial tool for engaging and educating the bank’s stakeholders. The platform’s main objective is to increase financial literacy and inclusion among all Namibians through pertinent public education that is expected to foster knowledge of financial and economic concepts as well as empower people to take charge of their lives and make well-informed financial decisions. 

 The website may be browsed through with ease and peace of mind – thanks to its enhanced security features. 

The chatbot, a new element at the centre of the new website’s interactivity, is anticipated to be useful in responding to the frequently asked questions of consumers about the bank’s services. 

These responses will be generated instantly with the simple click of a button. 

The service aids in better understanding bank operations and addressing pressing problems faced by stakeholders. Additionally, the website is mobile-friendly, which will be helpful for customers who access the bank’s information from several devices. 


The bank’s Innovation Hub, which supports the institution’s digital transformation and financial innovation mission, is also prominently featured. 

As the bank opens its doors to innovators and start-ups who have historically found it challenging to acquire pertinent information and help from a focal point, The Hub is a valuable platform for the Fintech community and other innovators to engage with the central bank. 

“We are making a concerted effort to be stakeholder-centric. The Bank is acutely aware of the demands placed on it by its stakeholders, and we are constantly improving how we listen to them. The website is delivering on this front, and we hope that visitors from both home and abroad will interact with us meaningfully,” said !Gawaxab. 

Even with the inclusion of the new features, the bank’s website will continue to be the biggest collection of economic and financial data in the nation.

 Additionally, the website’s architecture has been rearranged to prioritise data that stakeholders, such as ordinary Namibians, students and researchers, need regularly basis. 

“Putting financial inclusion at the centre of connection is crucial for us, as an institution working in the best interests of all Namibians. Our website is all about connecting with our stakeholders in a more direct and personalised manner. By employing a lean architecture to support the design of our website, we put our users’ needs at the centre and gave them an interactive, seamless experience. We aspire to have a cutting-edge digital presence that reflects our ambitions to be a leading central bank, committed to a prosperous Namibia,” as he introduced the new website, the governor said. 

2022-12-07  Staff Reporter

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