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Opinion - Fearing the pandemic of suicide

2022-10-03  Staff Reporter

Opinion - Fearing the pandemic of suicide

Cerline Somses 

Suicide has been a threat to many dreams and hopes in the past, and managed to destroy life with purpose. Life itself is a difficult exam, so difficult that some choose to die by committing suicide rather than living. 

Life is like a game. Every level is difficult, but one should be competent and learn to control situations. Control the controllable, and what you can’t control, avoid paths that try to bring you back into the situation. Suicide is a pandemic that we are fighting slowly without even realising it. 

There are a lot of contributing factors if it comes to suicide, like financial problems, dysfunctional friends and family, insecurities, toxic relationships, etc. Life is hard on its own, so make sure you spend it around people who make it easier, not with people that make it harder for you. 

Committing suicide over problems can be seen as cowardice for not wanting to find solutions to your problems. Committing suicide is not a weakness, but you will be putting a full stop to a life you could change, and probably start over again. 

Suicide has taken away achievers; it has taken away family members who were able-bodies. Suicide is a message send to us that not everyone has the power to overcome fear, stress, depression and even embarrassment. Do not be the reason that another person is not fine mentally and emotionally. Men are most victims to suicide, as they are seen as strong characters who are not supposed to complain or even try to talk about issues happening in their life. Men hardly have someone to talk to about their problems and insecurities. More than 559 men compared to women had committed suicide since last year, according to statistics released by the Ministry of Health and Social Services recently. 

This shows us that we need to focus our attention more on men, and help them fight their battles. Suicide is a publicly worrisome issue. Once one has developed an idea of committing suicide, it’s hard to switch the brain back to the normal self. It’s an illusion of problems, of ongoing and emotional pain. 

The type of pain that shows no scars, but leaves scars and emptiness forever. It’s a type of state that the mind cannot be in control because it is colonised by “kill yourself”.  

The fact that money cannot solve depression is the reason why we keep reading articles about celebrities and rich people committing suicide. But society is quick to judge because we think having money is the best part of life. Unfortunately, it’s not. Being mentally stable is way better than being financially stable. 

September is a month of suicide awareness, and before the month-end, I wanted to encourage anyone out there feeling worthless, depressed or with any problem you are facing that you are not alone.

Be the hero of your depression or your greatest fears, and speak power of persuasion into the mind and change your mindset into positivity. Also, try finding solutions to your problems. Try to move on rather than holding on. Try to change environments, and meet new people and learn new things. Being in one town or place is overwhelming at most times. Step out of your draining zone, and join new zones.  It is better to die naturally as a legend than killing yourself and being seen as a coward. Your problems are not stronger than you, the original. 

2022-10-03  Staff Reporter

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