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Opinion - Who are you?

2022-12-06  Staff Reporter

Opinion - Who are you?

Annette Mabuku 

Who are you, many may ask. If you happen to inquire from me, I will respond, ‘I’m Annette, daughter of ABC and so so’.

 My mother is a senior human resources manager, and my late father was a laboratory technician.

My brother is a chartered accountant.

There is nothing wrong with the first sentence; however, the second line is just wrong.

 Who are you after your parents gave birth to you; who are you after you were introduced to a world populated with vast opportunities? Who are you simply means, what is your contribution to this eight billion populated globe?

21-41 years ago, God chose you; you were born and opportunities were laid before you; hence, I ask again, who are you? Many of us will still answer, I am Ndeshi, Anabel or Mark, I’m the Minister’s son, my father is a businessman and my mom is the CEO of ABC parastatal. 

You see, I have a problem with people who prefer living under their parents and siblings’ shadows.  When we came to this world, we came in alone; even twins come out one by one, so we all made it here alone, meaning our Creator allowed us to come to this world so that we fulfill that he created us for. He has good intentions for us. Jeremiah 29:11.

Who are you, does not mean where your ancestors are from, in this context I’m anxiously waiting to hear what your purpose on this earth is. Please don’t tell us about how big your family business is, we want to hear of who you are, what have you done, what have you contributed to humanity in your personal profession?

We would like to hear that you are a school teacher who has contributed to the growth of the Namibian child’s education. We want to hear how you have assisted a senior citizen granting her a new national identification card, we want to hear how you have attended to different patients at an ever busy clinic as a nurse. We want to hear how you manage to maneuver in and out the city’s CBD transporting passengers to their respective destinations without havoc.  We would also like to hear how you assist the community in combating crime as a police officer. 

It’s agitating listening to people who are ever introducing themselves as “Hi, I’m Shaz my mother is a legal advocate, my father is the elder of this church, no no... you are not your parent’s side kick, we want to hear about you not anybody else. Let’s stop living our parents’, siblings and even spouses’ professions.

Be you, be the office administrator that you are and live out your purpose, be the student that you are and finish your college already. Your parents’ professions are theirs not yours. Get your own niche and run with it, stop being a parasite.  

 Acquiring all necessary skills and qualifications will assist us to answer the question “who are you”? without feeling embarrassed, because you think you have nothing to offer.

What am I saying? We need to change the narrative, let’s introduce our professional dealings and proudly answer the question “who are you” without referring to our parents’ portfolios and businesses. Doing so is just fake. 

As the year ends, and we are approaching a new one, it is my desire that we come out of our shells and be our true professionals and serve the Namibian nation with pride.

See friends, when we say we are fearfully and wonderfully made, we are supposed to be living out our purposes, because I believe our Creator did not create us and just left us to chance, that we live life anyhow. We are supposed to be a somebody rendering services to the human race. Others would have wanted to be here and live a meaningful life and contribute to human development, but they didn’t make it, and you are still here but living a not so desirable life. Times are hard yes and unemployment is real, but who are you?

2022-12-06  Staff Reporter

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