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‘Order with me’ scammers on the rise 

2022-04-29  Victoria Kaapanda

‘Order with me’ scammers on the rise 

The public is being warned to exercise caution when purchasing items advertised on social media platforms, as several people have been swindled of their money by fake online sellers.

The practice, commonly known as ‘order with me’, has become popular, where some online sellers order items abroad and resell them locally. The whole transaction takes place online, and customers and sellers often meet online.  

According to a Namibian police report, many complaints have been received from members of the public, who are being conned.

Police said fraudsters are advertising gadgets such as mobile phones, shoes, clothes and other items on social media platforms, mainly Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram and demanding upfront deposits via e-wallet or bank transfers. 

“The police have been receiving reports of persons being fleeced of their monies by fraudsters who promote online shopping,” said the police.

The police noted that after a payment is done, fraudsters normally remove their numbers from a respective site, while some simply switch off the mobile number used to commit the crime. 

“Buy from people whom you know very well; people who can be followed if failed to deliver your items,” the police advised.

The police further advised the public to take extreme caution and exercise vigilance before conducting online business transactions.

Saima Nangolo, an online seller from Oshakati, said she has been in the “order with me” business for more than three years but the business is gradually dying. 

“Our customers have lost trust in us because of the scammers. They don’t trust us anymore. We usually sell through different social media platforms to different customers,” stressed Nangolo.

Nangolo added she does not ask for a deposit when ordering products, since customers do not trust them with their money anymore.

“My customers pay upon arrival – that is the safest method. It is also safe because if the ordered item did not arrive on time or got lost somewhere, I will not be in trouble with the customer,” she explained. 

The police could not provide how many ‘order with me’ scam cases were registered countrywide.


2022-04-29  Victoria Kaapanda

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