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‘Prophet’ surrenders to police after deadly concoction

2023-06-09  John Muyamba

‘Prophet’ surrenders to police after deadly concoction

RUNDU - A potion brewed by a self-proclaimed prophet using deadly tree roots claimed the lives of two women in the Kavango East region on Wednesday. The two were part of a group of four women who consumed the yet-unidentified brew. Two of the group survived.

The incident took place on Wednesday morning in Kavango East’s Kandjara village in the Ndiyona constituency. It is believed the suspect started his career recently by fusing religion and traditional healing. 

“A case of culpable homicide is registered as per Ndiyona Cr06/06/2023,” reads the police in a report.

It is alleged the suspect was approached by the four women in the village to be treated for bad luck.

“He allegedly gave them a mixed pounded traditional medicine for them to vomit all the bad luck and evil spirits out but that resulted in the two victims’ deaths. The other two are hospitalised at the Nyangana district hospital for medical attention,” the police stated.

“Two of the women started having running stomachs and vomiting symptoms that lead to their deaths,” the statement added.  

The deceased were identified as Josefine Namutenya Shiremo (27) from the Kandjara village who reportedly died upon arrival at the local clinic, while Shikonga Linyando (30) died near her homestead.

“She collapsed and died instantly. The remaining two victims were rushed to the clinic at the village by relatives where they received medical attention and were further rushed to Nyangana district hospital where they are admitted,” police noted.

The remaining victims were identified as Lisundju Theophilia Tjangano (39), and Mahungo Brigitha Katongo (30). They are reported to be in a stable condition.

According to the police, the 45-year-old suspect, who is also a resident of the Kandjara village, fled the scene after it became apparent that two people died. However, he handed himself over to the Ndiyona Police station where he is currently detained. His traditional medicine and all equipment used were also seized as exhibits.

In September 2021, a similar incident occurred in the Kavango West region, where a self-proclaimed pastor allegedly prescribed a concoction that killed three people at a church in Mutengo village just outside Nkurenkuru. 

This ‘preacher’ allegedly performed what was termed an “enema” to inject the concoction in the rectums of the victims. Along with an assistant, the pastor, allegedly also acted as a healer of sorts.

One person survived the incident. The concoction was allegedly mixed and prepared by the church helper on telephonic instructions from the pastor. 


2023-06-09  John Muyamba

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