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Reflecting on 2022

2022-12-16  Paheja Siririka

Reflecting on 2022

Today, we present the views of several local creatives on what the year 2022 meant for them in terms of their craft. Amongst others, we asked about their highlights and accomplishments, who or what made their year, and lessons learned as well as their thoughts on mental health.


This is what they had to say:

Photographer:  Andrew Ingo


How have you stayed afloat with your mental health this year?

I advise everyone to try it or seek more advice regarding meditation and morning affirmations. These are things I try to be confident with. In addition, I am big on a positive mindset and appreciate every achievement accomplished.


What were your highlights of the year or the industry you create in?

I was invited as a guest on The Daily Round-up show with Nina Katangana on NBC TV, which was fun; I loved every moment. I had a radio interview at Desert FM with Whilzan; finally got to star in the music video of Ethnix, titled ‘All Night’ (another fun experience), and I presented an award at the Simply You Magazine Lifestyle and Fashion Awards. Also, I finally created relationships outside the Namibia borders.


What did you accomplish this year that you are most proud of?

I bought new equipment and built relationships. I grew in all aspects of life.


What event or person made your year?

I made my year! This was a year of self-love, introspection and the will to be better for myself. If I had not connected to my higher self, I would not have been here today as Andrew Ingo – one of the country’s best photographers.


What was the biggest lesson(s) you learned this year?

Never be biased if you truly want to understand what is happening or who is at fault between you and individuals.


What was your word/saying for the year?

‘You are the creator of your own reality; your strongest thoughts determine you. Think Better!’


What was your favourite creative piece/project this year?

I cannot think of any right now. However, I promise to strive and do better next year.


What changes did you make this year in support of your creativity?

The changes we have made this year will only have effects by next year.


What project have you put off that you really want to do?

Project SKIN – that is all I can say for now.


What do you wish you knew before getting into the industry?

The only thing I had to do was study and then apply it. Your first try might not be the best but the experience and skills reaped from that are amazing – and when you come back, it is just beast mode. I wish I knew that we should learn to always look on the bright side of things because we normally do not. Avoid people who project their fears on others.

2022-12-16  Paheja Siririka

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