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Reflecting on 2022

2022-12-16  Paheja Siririka

Reflecting on 2022

Today, we present the views of several local creatives on what the year 2022 meant for them in terms of their craft. Amongst others, we asked about their highlights and accomplishments, who or what made their year, and lessons learned as well as their thoughts on mental health. 

This is what they had to say:  


Sculptor: Elisia Nghidishange


How have you stayed afloat with your mental health this year? 

Eating healthy food and making sure I am physically fit.


What were your highlights of the year or the industry you create in?

Participating in projects such as the Artists’ Retreat at Baker’s Bay in Oranjemund; World Bank Art Programme exhibition in Washington, USA; 15th Triennial of Small Sculpture in Fellbach, Germany; Omba Gallery group exhibition; Yellow Submarine group exhibition at Bellhaus Gallery Namibia, as well as my solo exhibition at the Namibian Arts Association (NAA). Another highlight was the jewellery workshop I hosted at my art studio (E-Tunga Studio) up north with the NAA. 


What did you accomplish this year that you are most proud of?

I have accomplished things greater than my expectation, but I am most proud of having art taught at my studio.


What event or person made your year? 

The Artists’ Retreat.


What was the biggest lesson(s) you learned this year? 

Never underestimate the coastal regions when it comes to weather forecast.


What was your word/saying for the year? 

It is almost the end of the year now and I motivate everybody to think of safety first. 


What was your favourite creative piece/project this year? 

‘In The Same Jacket’, an artwork by me.


What changes did you make this year in support of your creativity?

There is no better chance to support my creativity than by putting more effort into everything.


What project have you put off that you really want to do?  

The plan is to sell the crafts and art of my learners.


What do you wish you knew before getting into the industry?

I wish I knew how crazy the art industry is.

2022-12-16  Paheja Siririka

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