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Restoring dignity of mothers

2022-10-06  Paheja Siririka

Restoring dignity of mothers

Paheja Siririka

A group of MTC employees, through their caring initiative, handed over more than 35 bras, about 60 gowns and more than 40 petty coats to expectant mothers at the Katutura State Hospital to the value of N$17 000.

After careful investigation, the group was informed of the dire need of such garments as during doctors’ check-up processes, some women are hesitant because of the state of their undergarments. The team felt this defies human dignity and needs immediate change.

“We just want to plough back into society. In this case, we initially wanted to sponsor state babies, but upon investigation, we found out that people already donated to these babies, and they were sorted. One sister suggested that we channel this aid and assist expectant mothers instead,” said Fikameni Mathias, one of the members of the group.

He added: “That process sort of takes away the dignity of the person, but the doctor has to do the check-up. So, that’s why we decided to divert the funds for this space.”

Mathias further stated that working in the telecommunications company’s sponsorship department, he has noticed requests from individuals coming in that do not align with their sponsorship policy.

“Often at times, we get requests which are not in line with our sponsorship policies, like giving aid to individuals and churches. It is within this scope that we have decided to channel some of these funds to this course,” he said.

He added that on a monthly basis, employees commit a certain portion of their salaries that they wish,  and the funds are used to procure items to identified groups or individuals.

A social worker at the hospital’s maternity ward Ronnah Mufungulwa welcomed to gifts, and said they are coming at an opportune time where expectant mothers are in need of such clothing.

“We have noticed that so mothers do not want to be examined, maybe because of what they are wearing or the underwear is torn or something, but this is really helpful”.

Last year in June, 38-year-old Hileni Iipinge, whose shack was burnt to ruins, received N$11 000 worth of furniture comprising a refrigerator, stove and bed from the MTC employees. A cleaning company contracted her as a cleaner at MTC.

2022-10-06  Paheja Siririka

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