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Sailing around Namibia, Kasi Vibe style

2022-02-25  Paheja Siririka

Sailing around Namibia, Kasi Vibe style

Those who have become accustomed to the annual Kasi Vibe festival will be in for a treat when it rolls around again next week after a two-year absence.

Taking place from 3 to 6 March 2022 at the Sam Nujoma Stadium in the capital, the first part of the 2022 Kasi Vibe festival will this year not only provide bucketloads of fun, food, drinks and entertainment, as usual, but will also give back to those in need. This year, organisers have accorded the SOS Children’s Home and ‘Restore Her Dignity’ initiative stalls free of charge to generate income for their respective projects.

“When you see these stalls, don’t just be impressed with the initiatives, take out your wallet and contribute where you can, and support these wonderful causes. 

They are noble gestures, which should be boosted,” said Kasi Vibe spokesperson Salmi Shiguedha during a recent media briefing.

She said after two years of hiatus due to the pandemic, the festival kicks off on Thursday, with a throwback performance by well-known Namibian music heavyweights, including Jericho, Samuele (Qondja) and Ras Sheehama.

“Kasi Vibe is strictly there to promote local, and as much as we would love to bring continental and international artists, we are here to support our artists, products and services; upholding our culture and so forth.”

Shiguedha said they are accommodating around 80 stalls, consisting of products and services, food and beverages. 

Themed ‘Sail Around Namibia’, the festival aims to embody different areas in the country, allowing festivalgoers to “hop from one town to the next”, and learn more about that specific place through its cuisine and other offerings.

She shared that most applications received are for beverage stalls, but the team vetted to make sure new exhibitors get a chance.

“Someone who applies for a stall to sell tacos or seafood boils stands a better chance of being selected,” highlighted Shiguedha.

Something new this year is the arts and wine corner, which will include painting sessions while drinking wine. 

The team has also collaborated with health officials from the Walvis Bay Corridor Group, who will be administering doses of the Covid-19 vaccine through their mobile vaccination services. 

The ‘Restore Her Dignity’ initiative’s presence at the festival will make it easier for people to donate to them, either in the form of money or sanitary pads.

“We are on a mission to collect 2 000 pads and hand them to school-going girls around Windhoek. 

As per our list, we so far have 167 girls whom we want to supply pads to for the entire year,” said the coordinator of the initiative, Onesmus Joseph.

Founded by Zennen Mukulu, the project’s core mandate is to make sure girls attend school and never skip lessons due to scarcity of essential needs like sanitary towels, creating a well-educated nation and creating an enabling environment, leaving no one behind due to the cause of nature.

Joseph added: “Kasi Vibe supported our initiative by availing a free stall, and we will be there to receive and collect any kind of donations towards this noble initiative. 

Potential donors have difficulties in locating us, hence the festival will make it easy for them to prepare and deliver their donations.”

The second part of the biannual festival is set for October.


2022-02-25  Paheja Siririka

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