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Sapirama filicide suspect to remain in custody

2023-06-19  John Muyamba

Sapirama filicide suspect to remain in custody

RUNDU – Haipanda Simbungu, who on Tuesday last week turned himself in at the Ncaute police station after allegedly slaying his daughter Maria Isoni Simbungu earlier that same day, has been denied bail by the Rundu Magistrate’s Court.

Simbungu (55) appeared on Thursday before Magistrate Sonia Samupofu on a charge of murder, read with the provision of the Combating of Domestic Violence Act. 

He is accused of stabbing his daughter (17) with a knife three times in the chest and several times on other parts of her body at the Sapirama village in the Kavango West region. 

Family members told New Era last week the accused was on parole for about a year after serving time in prison for the murder of the mother of his children.

The victim’s grandfather, father of the accused Kasimba Haipanda, told New Era he was asleep in his hut and was not aware of what was happening. 

“I didn’t see what knife he used, but I was just informed of what happened, and I found her dead in the room. I was not aware of any misunderstanding if there were any. I was asleep,” Haipanda said.

Simbungu’s case was postponed to 3 July, and he remains in police custody, as the state, through public prosecutor Variety Matamata, objected to bail, stating it would not be in the interest of the public and administration of justice if he were to be granted bail. 

The State also fears he would abscond and/or interfere with State witnesses. 


2023-06-19  John Muyamba

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