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Saron murder suspect arrested 

2022-06-15  Loide Jason

Saron murder suspect arrested 

Loide Jason 

The police confirmed that one of the suspects linked to the murder of 28-year-old Charmaine Saron, who was stabbed 24 times and dumped in a riverbed behind the Hosianna Church in Katutura last Thursday, has been detained.

However, regional commander Ismael Basson is still requesting the public to come forth with information that would lead to the successful arrests of other suspected persons.

Sources indicated that the police know the deceased was picked up by two men, who communicated with her on her sister’s phone.  

“One of the suspects was identified and arrested,” said the sources. Police spokesperson Silas Shipandeni confirmed that the man was detained for questioning while the police are establishing the evidential grounds that could lead to his prosecution. He is yet to be released.

The police are furthermore pursuing a second suspect linked to the incident. In a text message posted on the Police’s Media Whatsapp group, Basson wants the public, particularly residents of Dolam, to assist as much as they can to help in bringing the suspects to book as they do not belong ‘in society’.

“A call is hereby made to please provide any pieces of information that may lead to the arrest of the suspect(s) responsible for stabbing Charmaine Saron to death in the area of the Elcin church in Katutura; perhaps bloodstained clothes, with [who] she was seen last, etc. These criminals don’t belong amongst peaceloving Namibians, thus the call for them to be brought to where they belong. Your identity will be protected. Together, we must ensure criminals are removed from society,” he emphasised. 

According to the deceased’s relatives, she was last seen on Wednesday, 8 June 2022 when she left home at 22h43. 

Her sister told NBC News that the youngest of her minor children is two years old, and the eldest is 11 years old. She was active in politics as a Landless People’s Movement activist. 

The relatives of Saron also told One Africa TV on Monday that they want justice to prevail in this incident as their loved one was a useful and helpful person who liked to do volunteer work in the community.

2022-06-15  Loide Jason

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