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Shixwameni celebrates her birthday with 27 orphans

2021-07-14  Festus Hamalwa

Shixwameni celebrates her birthday with 27 orphans

Foibe Shixwameni wanted to mark her 28th birthday last month in a different and unique way, and decided to celebrate it with 27 children.

The experience, she said, was rewarding, as it made her feel happier and fulfilled.

“At first, I thought of not celebrating my birthday because I felt like it’s always the same thing – same people. I want to celebrate it in a different and unique way. Then thoughts came of me cutting my cake with children at one of the orphanages in Windhoek,” said Shixwameni.

She did not know any, so she set out to find one with not too many children because, being unemployed, she does not have much to give. Shixwameni told Youth Corner she googled Windhoek orphanages, and the first one that popped up was the Megameno Orphanage Home, located in the Shandumbala area. So, she called them and started making arrangements. On the day, she also donated clothes, food, cosmetics and electricity units to the orphanage. “Having been inspired by the Students’ Christian Movement (SCM), the love I have for always giving and also knowing that this pleases God (Hebrews 13:16) motivated me to do this.” Shixwameni added that humanity is important, and everyone needs to participate in it as part of their social responsibility, saying: “Donating does not only benefit the charities themselves; it can be deeply rewarding to you too”. 

Quoting the adage ‘it’s better to give than to receive’, she said giving to charity makes one feel good – it is a major mood booster, hugely empowering and can make one feel happier and more fulfilled.

Shixwameni emphasised that having the power to improve the lives of others and putting a smile on someone’s face is a privilege that comes with its sense of obligation. She added that acting on these powerful feelings of responsibility is a great way to reinforce one’s values, and it feels “like we’re living in a way that is true to our own ethical beliefs”.

“I donated to create awareness, and encouraged friends and family members to reach out to this and made it possible. Special thanks to meme Maria Shaalukeni for doing the most.” Shixwameni said she will remain committed to supporting orphanages in Namibia. She urged anyone who has items up for donation to contact her, and she will take them there. She can be contacted on 081 758 602 7. -

2021-07-14  Festus Hamalwa

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