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State wants maximum sentence for hammer killer

2023-03-03  Roland Routh

State wants maximum sentence for hammer killer

State Advocate Ian Malumani wants the court to impose a sentence of 37 years on a Windhoek resident accused of viciously attacking and killing his wife with a hammer.

 Inock Mazala Nalisa (33), was convicted on one count of murder, read with the provisions of the Combating of Domestic Violence Act, and one count of defeating the course of justice. 

It is alleged that after he stabbed his wife, he got rid of the weapon he used to stab her. The prosecution is alleging that he killed his wife Petra Njakwabo Munikonzo (30) by stabbing and hitting her with a hammer at the back of her head following an argument.

The wife died instantly at the scene.

The incident occurred at the couple’s residence in Windhoek’s informal settlement of Okahandja Park on 31 October 2020.

Malumani argued before Windhoek High Court Judge Christi Liebenberg yesterday that the murder was vicious and brutal, and that the accused deserves no mercy from the court. He said the court must also take into account the devastating effect the murder had on the deceased’s surviving family members. “The loss to the surviving members is irreplaceable. Their pain and agony caused by the accused’s actions will most probably leave its mark on them for years to come, or even for the rest of their lives”. In the end, he argued, a sentence of 35 years for the murder conviction and a sentence of two years on the defeating the course of justice conviction is justifiable in the circumstances.

Tjingairi Kaurivi, who is representing Nalisa on instructions of Legal Aid, submitted that his client was provoked by the deceased to the extent that he “blacked out” and cannot remember the actual killing. He further said that his client expressed remorse for his actions, and although the court rejected his plea of a “black out”, his version that he was severely provoked by the deceased should hold some water. He suggested a sentence of 20 years for the murder, and two years on the defeating conviction, and the punishment to run concurrently. 

Judge Liebenberg reserved his judgement to 12 April. 

According to the State, an argument erupted between Nalisa and the deceased on that night. He then stabbed her multiple times with a knife or other sharp object and hit her several times on her head and body with a hammer, causing her death. 

He afterwards covered her body with a blanket.

Police reports stated that after the tragic incident, Nalisa fled the scene. 

He, however, handed himself over at the Wanaheda police station two days later.  While he did not offer a plea explanation, he claimed during evidence that he suffered from a blackout and could not remember what happened after his wife slapped him on the cheek.

2023-03-03  Roland Routh

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