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Subsidy improves Omusati food production

2021-09-30  Victoria Kaapanda

Subsidy improves Omusati food production

The ministry of agriculture, water and land reform said financial subsidies availed to farmers in Omusati region have improved the farmers’ production capacity and quantity of products.

According to agriculture ministry spokesperson Jona Musheko, more farmers (young and old) are willing to take up vegetable gardening as well as poultry farming in Omusati region.

“Plans are in place to ensure funds allocated to these schemes are increased, considering the appetite demonstrated by people in Omusati region and others,” says Musheko. 

Many gardens and poultry farmers benefitted from the projects funded by the ministry of agriculture this year.

About 455 farmers (301 male; 254 female) benefitted from the National Horticulture Programme (NHSP), whereas 155 (81 male; 78 female) benefited from the poultry Value Chain and Development Scheme to date.

“These subsidy programmes/schemes have improved ways on how producers were producing and marketing their produce, as they are now moving towards market-oriented farming/production,” he said.

Musheko added that farmers also improved by doing market surveys and signing contracts or agreements with shops or retailers to supply the right quality and quantity of products.

He also highlighted the situation of food security in the region.

“The food security at household level has improved since more nutritional food (vegetables, fruits, eggs and chicken) are available at local markets (formal and informal) in the region and beyond,” he said.

Saara Amaambo, a vegetable farmer from Outapi, said they (farmers) are grateful government has extended its hands to farmers, especially those who are in rural areas.

“We are now producing healthy, quality and nutritious agricultural products to ensure nutrition security,” says Amaambo.

She added they are not spending money travelling to towns for vegetables anymore but rather producing.

She urged other government stakeholders not to give up and put more effort into tackling all the food and nutrition security aspects.


2021-09-30  Victoria Kaapanda

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