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Wakudumo urges border residents to get vaccinated

2022-02-16  John Muyamba

Wakudumo urges border residents to get vaccinated

RUNDU - Kavango East governor Bonifatius Wakudumo has urged Angolans and Namibians to respect Covid-19 regulations and laws applicable in both countries when travelling between the two now that the borders are open after a two-year closure.

The governor made the remarks during the official opening of the Namibia-Angola border at Rundu yesterday. 

“Let me thank the Angolan government for the good working relationship, which exists from time immemorial. We all acknowledge that the two years negatively affected our people from both sides, which is why I am thanking the two governments for opening the borders for a common good,” he stated. 

Earlier this month, Namibia and Angola saw the reopening of the Oshikango and Katwitwi border posts while the Sarusungu Border Post, which connects Namibians and Angolans through Rundu and the Angolan local authority Calai, was opened yesterday.

The two governments held a bilateral meeting in Ondjiva on 21 January to discuss reopening the common borders to enable the movement of people and goods to enhance socio-economic development. The Angolan government said visitors must present a negative Covid-19 PCR test and a vaccination certificate, showing at least two doses. 

“Those travellers with only one vaccination dose will be subjected to a seven-day quarantine at their own cost,” Wakudumo added.

Agostino dos Santos, who represented the Angolan delegation during the opening of the Sarusungu and Rundu-Calai border posts, urged Angolans to also follow the established Covid-19 protocols for both countries. 

“For us to cross the border, we should meet requirements that will allow us to get a border pass. Also, we should have vaccination passports which show that you have taken two doses, or have a negative Covid-19 PCR test,” he said.

Kavango East police commander Johanna Ngondo then advised residents to avoid crossing the border illegally. 

2022-02-16  John Muyamba

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