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Youth Power Group strives to empower all youth 

2021-08-04  Festus Hamalwa

Youth Power Group strives to empower all youth 

The Youth Power Group (YPG) is a group of young adults who focus on sharing practical guidance through mentorship, teaching life skills and tutoring to empower youth from all walks of life

Youth Corner spoke to Namibian coordinator and life coach Shawn Shilongo, who said the YPG is part of the youth ministry of the Universal Church. Their teachings are based on Christian principles and they always aim to spread the life that the gospel brings to their neighbours.

Shilongo explained that this guidance is combined with fun activities and mentorship, adding new participants are able to see the change in others who have gone through similar situations – just as they have experienced.

“Throughout the month, members of the YPG go to different places to bring a positive message to those who hear negative words every day. The YPG go out with the motivation to help those who are suffering,” he explained.

Shilongo said the main aim of this organisation is to help young people who face internal and/or external challenges in their lives, and to form visionaries of young people who make decisions that are effective and beneficial – not only to them but to their communities as well.

“We have a variety of activities and projects within the YPG, such as sports, arts and culture, Youth Number 1 (which focuses on tutoring and aiding students’ academic progress), Uniforce (the social work of the YPG), and Media project (which focuses on getting out the message and work of the YPG, especially via social networks.”

Asked why they focus on the youth, he said they are the future, adding: “Not only is that a fact, but it is our responsibility. If the youth are not empowered, mentored and educated, then our future will not be very bright.”



YPG offers free tutoring classes for the learners of Augustinium and Ella du
Plessis high schools. They also give Self-Awareness courses to young women; they recently had their first YPG Self-Awareness course graduation. 

YPG was also invited to State House for a briefing on social issues relating to the Namibian youth.

However, every day they change a life is a milestone, said Shilongo.

He stressed that last year March, they started an online show that consists of many YPG individuals; the hosts usually rotate week-to-week. They are a team of 16 members who form part of the YPG Dynamic team.

“Nowadays, many youths are on social media – be it Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, etc. We find it a great platform to reach the youth, as the purpose of the initiative is to reach and impact the lives of young people.” 

What does the online show do? 


“The show aims to foster youth engagement amidst the Covid-19 pandemic that we
are facing. Beyond that, their platform
is about empowering the youth and
helping them realise the potential they have and that they can be more than what they think.”

Shilongo added that the YPG Dynamic focuses on reaching out to the youth to educate, motivate and inspire them to be the positive change they want to see through dance, acting, music, poetry and the likes.

Our show usually starts at 19h00 on our Facebook page – YPG Namibia. We also have a YouTube channel, where we are planning on uploading all the
previous shows that we have done thus
far so that it can be easier for some to

He pointed out that they have discussed a wide range of topics that also deal with issues young people face nowadays. 

“To date, we have had interesting talks and debates on informative topics, themed: Emerging on Top, Investing in Yourself, Staying Focused, Opportunities, The Switch, Engage and Connect, My Roots/My Heritage, Comfort Zone, Checkmate, Hero, Unity, Dating, Staying Focused, Bleach and Tanning, Corruption and Rights. Ultimately, the YPG Dynamic Show is determined to work towards Youth and Community development.”

What are some of the topics that the youth can still expect?


“We still have many life-changing topics on the way, such as Hope to Beat Depression, Ambition, Life after School, Heroes, Influence, Teenage Pregnancy and The Link.”  Shilongo added that the youth can engage them on social media, and further said they can post comments during the time of the show.

They are on Facebook as YPG Namibia, YouTube as YPG Namibia, and ypg_namibia on Instagram.

“The YPG is worldwide. We are for everybody from all walks of life. Your tribe, race, ethnicity, culture, social class, past or background does not matter to us. Anyone can join and be part of the YPG. Feel free to get in touch with us. Our Youth line is (+264) 81 352 3709. You can also send us an email at ypgnamibia@gmail,” he concluded.  


2021-08-04  Festus Hamalwa

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