Investing in people contributes to poverty eradication – Angula

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Standard Bank is showing its commitment to the development of Namibians by offering the following programmes: Bursary Scheme, Graduate Programme and Learning Academy. Interested Namibians can apply for any of these programmes by November 30. The bank offers bursaries to students to pursue their studies at accredited tertiary institutions in the fields of commerce, science, finance, engineering, property and technology.

Standard Bank’s Graduate Programme is aimed at attracting high potential graduates, who will fulfil future critical and leadership positions in the bank. “Our graduate programme is designed to give a solid foundation and understanding of the functions within the bank. Graduates will get to know our particular functions better as they experience rotations within those functions,” explained Isdor Angula, head of human capital at Standard Bank Namibia.

Over a period of 18 to 36 months several role rotations are completed to give a broad overview of the commercial and technical aspects of banking, including customer engagement. Formal learning and progress checks are involved. Graduates will gain an intimate understanding of corporate and investment banking, as well as personal and business banking.

“At Standard Bank Namibia, we understand the important role we play in the development and empowerment of Namibian citizens. By investing in our people, we are contributing to poverty eradication and social upliftment of communities and to the growth of the Namibian economy,” Angula said.

Standard Bank aims to develop its frontline staff through the Learning Academy, which is a formal work-based programme. “Successful candidates will be trained over three months and deployed into the frontline roles, starting in the branch network on a rotational basis. Upon successful completion of the programme, candidates will be recommended to take up permanent positions in the bank, subject to the availability of vacancies ,” said Angula.