It will be naive to say all is well in Swapo – Amukwiyu

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WINDHOEK – Despite a failed attempt by Swapo Regional Coordinator for Oshikoto, Armas Amukwiyu to have unity of common purpose in the party as an extra-ordinary item on the agenda at the Swapo congress on Friday, the youthful politician is adamant that all is not well in the ruling party.

His failed attempt comes after Swapo President Hage Geingob rejected his unplanned motion to be urgently put on the Swapo extra-ordinary congress agenda without following proper procedures.
The congress which started on Friday ended on Saturday.

Amukwiyu was granted permission to present his case which he urgently requested, at the time Geingob was addressing the more than 800 delegates during the opening of the Swapo Party extraordinary congress on Friday. 
He noted it is his view there is an urgent need to discuss unity of purpose in Swapo party, adding the party will be destroyed if this congress does not discuss this agenda item. 

“It will be naïve to say all is well, when we know the party is falling apart,” Amukwiyu told delegates while Geingob stood next to him on the podium.

The Swapo coordinator went on to say it’s his conviction to have the issue discussed at the congress, saying unity of purpose in the party is shaking.

“I want to make this issue clear. I see it fit and appropriate for me to request through the SG [Sophia Shaningwa] an opportunity to discuss something that has potential to destroy us if we are not careful. I requested through a text message to grant me an opportunity and he replied that I may go ahead. I want to propose a motion for unity of purpose within Swapo party-a topic to be discussed after normal deliberations of congress,” he proposed.

He said there are many questions posed, which he would have loved to share with delegates once the motion is allowed to be discussed.

“I believe in open talk. We must be able to face each other and iron out our problems. We all have problems. The congress of last year left us divided. We hope this congress will unite us again. We had problems in Oshikoto. We talked and shook hands and the problems were resolved. I submit with humility that we discuss this item at the end of the deliberations,” he pleaded.

Further, Amukwiyu publicly vowed that he stand by the outcome of last year’s Swapo congress where he lost for secretary general position to Shaningwa, among those on his classified side, ‘Team Swapo’.

Therefore, he said he accepted defeat and promised to never take the party to court because of last year’s results.
“I don’t support the idea of taking Swapo to court,” he said.

In response, Geingob rejected the motion saying proper procedures have to be followed, which is to give a three-month notice prior to congress, for any item to be added on the agenda.
Geingob further questioned if the party was really collapsing, of which the majority of delegates said “No”, contrary to Amukwiyu’s claims.

However, Geingob said such a proposal can be discussed at any other platform or meeting of Swapo, without giving a time frame.

At the same platform, Shaningwa dismissed claims that Swapo is broke, hence they are having their congress at Ramatex and not Safari Hotel as always.

“All is well in Swapo. Swapo is moving forward. We are adding value. We are not bankrupt. Please be assured that the party’s finances are in good hands. The only reason why we are not holding our congress at Safari is because it’s fully booked. Therefore, such romours must be dismissed,” Shaningwa clarified.