KBB to relaunch factory with new Italian partners

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WINDHOEK – A recent formulation of a Joint Venture agreement between Kavango Block Brick (KBB) and their new Italian partners, Italy Made, has resulted in the relaunch of the KBB manufacturing plant. The soon-to-be announced relaunch will entail KBB’s manufacturing plant being geared up to deliver a multitude of concrete product solutions.

According to the founding member of KBB Heinrich Schroeder, a multitude of advantages of this Namibian-Italian partnership can be expected, including the delivery of dignified housing based on KBB’s African Rational Design.

Other advantages includes the introduction of advanced sustainable sanitation systems for bulk infrastructure, development of roads system using advanced concrete technology and interlocking paving, and the advancement of skills training programmes for the youth.  All within the mind-set of promoting “Growth at Home by involving local communities and the youth”.

Namibian-born Schroeder currently has seven patented concrete masonry design solutions for Africa. Schroeder, who is the registered owner of these patented designs, said: “I am a freedom fighter for the poor and will never give up. We might be a third world country, but we have first world ideas. I believe that the combined technical expertise of our two companies forming this Italian-Namibian Joint Venture will promote much economic growth through the creation of additional start-up factories for the manufacturing of a multitude of concrete product solutions.”

Schroeder noted that phase one of the Joint Venture with the Italian partners is the production of a range of masonry block products. Phase two will entail the supply of modern technology for the manufacturing of concrete elements for the installation of underground services such as bulk infrastructure.

“Together with our partners we have a vision to improve the lives of many Namibians which has the blessing of our Patron, Dr Nickey Iyambo, our first Vice-President of Namibia (Retired). The joint venture brings with it a unique synergy to promote advanced skills such as the design of smart cities, latest energy efficient architectural designs and promotion of sound engineering principles based on rational design,” said Schroeder. 

He continued that the synergy created between KBB and partners plans to send four suitable students to Italy for advanced training in the production of advanced concrete solutions, such as roads and advanced bulk infrastructure technologies.  
“With an abundance of natural resources, we just need the machinery and technology to promote the ‘Growth at Home’ philosophy by involving the youth of the day for advanced skills training.  Africans can construct and design their own houses including bottom structures such as infrastructure services.  There are alternative ways to deliver housing, including the way we look at end user finance. I believe we need to re-examine the way we currently provide home finance packages.  We need to implement a mind shift away from the current system to a daily mortgage rate in order to cater for our low-income groups,” Schroeder concluded.