Man tells court ex-girlfriend stole his manhood

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n Nuusita Ashipala

OSHAKATI – In one of the latest gender-based violence cases, which continue to weigh down Namibian society, a man stunned the court this week by testifying that the reason he nearly killed his ex-girlfriend is because he believes she has taken away his manhood.
Erickson Uudhila, 37, appeared before the Oshakati Magistrate’s Court for allegedly setting on fire the room of his ex-girlfriend Eveline Shithigona.
Shithigona, who was asleep at the time, managed to escape unhurt, and so did seven other people who were sleeping in the room.
Uudhila is charged with two counts of arson and assault by threat, read with the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act 4 of 2003.
The court yesterday found Uudhila guilty of arson but not guilty of assault by threat. Magistrate Castro Makapa Simasiku said the court was not convinced that Uudhila intended to kill Shithigona. In his unusual testimony, Uudhila told the court that he had attempted to cheat on Shithigona with other women, but every time he failed because he could not get an erection every time he attempted to have an intimate relationship with other women.

It was after this discovery, Uudhila said, that he set Shithigona’s room, at Okamule village, on fire on August 30, 2017. Apart from attempting to kill his girlfriend, he also had intentions to commit suicide and had crafted a suicide note indicating that he would kill his girlfriend.
The State, represented by Nelao ya France, however disputed claims of the stolen manhood and asked the court to find Uudhila guilty on both counts.
Ya France argued that the court only deals with the facts as presented before it and does not deal with witchcraft and accusations or allegations of supernatural powers. Ya France also said Uudhila should have sought medical assistance with regard to the absence of an erection instead of committing arson.
Uudhila has been in custody since his arrest on August 31.
The case captivated those who were in attendance as the prosecutor attempted to get clarity from Uudhila and challenged his claims.
The other dramatic moment came during the testimony of Shithigona in which she denied Uudhila’s testimony of events and asked that she be shown proof that Uudhila no longer has his manhood. “If it is true that he does not have his manhood, then I want to see that it is not there,” Shithigona said.
She also told the court that Uudhila had threatened to kill her on several occasions. However, the magistrate said the threats were made over a period of time and also during the duration of their relationship. As such, the court ruled, had Uudhila not set the room on fire Shithigona would not have opened the threat charge because she never reported it before.
The court also found that the evidence shows the threats were not to be carried out immediately and made when the couple were apart from each other so it’s impossible for the complainant to have felt that her life was in danger.
During the proceedings, Uudhila repeatedly said that he only wants his manhood back. Ya France however wanted to know how does Uudhila know Shithigona stole his manhood.

Uudhila responded by narrating to the court that Shithigona on two different occasions rubbed his manhood and face with her panties, while at one point she had her behind facing his face. All three acts, Uudhila told the court, left him with the conclusion that they were acts aimed at the removal of his manhood.

Ya France however argued that what transpired could perhaps be described as a mere misinterpretation of a girlfriend wanting to try out a new sex position.

“Maybe she was just showing you a new position,” ya France related.

However, Uudhila said they never did such weird positions in the past. Although he pleaded not guilty to the charges, he did not dispute the arson or that he threated to kill the ex-girlfriend.

Five witnesses called by the State including his own uncle testified that he had informed them that he had intentions to kill the girlfriend.