N$700 000 for Drimiopsis electrification, garden projects

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N$700 000 for Drimiopsis electrification,  garden projects

The Omaheke Regional Council has earmarked N$700 000 towards the speedy electrification of streets, a children’s sanctuary, and water supply to a major garden project at Drimiopsis.

The projects, which are aimed at uplifting the living standards of this community, will see the installation of about 18 solar-powered street lights and four solar-powered large floodlights at the settlement’s children’s sanctuary, which is currently without access to the grid. 

Drimiopsis, situated about 40km from Gobabis on the C22 regional road and boasting two schools, the Drimiopsis Primary School and the Mokganedi Tlhabanello High School serving a combined 2 200 learners, will benefit big-time from the 5kW solar electrification project. 

Acknowledging the imperative of safety along the main C22 road, the initiative also aims to enhance safety and visibility at the settlement, while the numerous solar-powered lights along the streets will further create a conducive environment for potential investors and overall development. 

During the site handover, council chairperson and Kalahari constituency councillor Ignatius Kariseb shared that part of the N$700 000 will be geared towards a major garden project at Drimiopsis, which he said will foster employment through food security and community empowerment. 

The project will involve the erection of fences and the installation of two 10 000-litre tanks and their stands on a piece of land measuring more than one hectare. 

“Similar initiatives of the one-hectare garden projects will be extended to the other six constituencies of the Omaheke region, further solidifying our commitment to widespread positive transformation. The [garden] project stems from a resolution born out of the Omaheke employment-creation conference hosted last year. These measures bolster local infrastructure, ensuring sustainable water resources for agricultural endeavours. Drimiopsis stands to benefit immensely from these strategic initiatives,” said Kariseb. 

The chairperson highlighted that not only are the two projects developmental in nature, but will likewise contribute to the broader objective of sustainable, eco-friendly-driven practices. 

“The construction of a substantial fence and tank stands aligns with the overarching aim of the Omaheke Regional Council to stimulate employment and ensure food security in the region. As Drimiopsis evolves, these projects serve as a testament to the council’s dedication to holistic community advancement.”

– ohembapu@nepc.com.na