Namibian students in Cuba to finally receive their parcels

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The health ministry has confirmed the parcels, prepared by relatives and friends of Namibian students currently studying in Cuba, will finally leave the country this week via Johannesburg. 
This follows the non-materialisation of the first attempt to deliver the parcels at the beginning of last month. 
The cargo, according to the service provider, is scheduled to arrive in Cuba on 24 September 2020. 
The purchase order to the cargo operator was issued to the service provider on 9 September 2020, the health ministry announced in a statement this week. 

The ministry said the main challenge in executing the delivery of the cargo to Havana has been the non-availability of flights due to the suspension of commercial flights and closure of airspaces by several governments around the globe. 
Moreover, demand for international cargo services has outstripped supply due to increased demand to deliver Covid-19 related supplies around the world. “The Ministry of Health and Social Services has awarded scholarships to many students currently studying in different countries around the world.

 We are committed to ensuring their wellbeing,” read the statement. 
Two months ago, the Namibian ambassador to Cuba, Samuel /Goagoseb, dismissed claims that only selected luggage meant for students in Cuba were taken along on a South African humanitarian flight at the time. 
According to the diplomat, he and five stranded Cuban nationals were picked up by the plane, which was facilitated by the South African government. 

The plane was also able to take with cargo of the Namibian embassy in Cuba and essential goods for some Namibian students.