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Abortion will slow population growth - Lukato 

2021-11-25  Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

Abortion will slow population growth - Lukato 

National Democratic Party president Martin Lukato Lukato has invoked God, the Holy Bible and warned that legalised abortion will slow population growth.

Lukato, while petitioning National Assembly speaker Peter Katjavivi, on Tuesday, said the country’s population, which stands at around 2.5 million, is small, therefore, legalising abortion would be detrimental to population growth. 

The indefatigable politician was joined by one other person and a bevy of security personnel at parliament as he railed against those who agitate for women’s right to decide over their own bodies. “Countries might refuse to do business with us due to our population. Our population needs to grow,” Lukato said, adding that the legalisation of abortion will also be against the 10 commandments of God.

“It is ethically not correct, biblical, morality and culturally is wrong to practice abortion. There is no way that a Christian nation like Namibia can support abortion. How can you allow or permit killing innocent babies in their mothers’ wombs?” he questioned.

Deputy minister of health, Utjiua Muinjangue in June this year tabled a motion to debate abortion in Namibia in the National Assembly.

Muinjangue tabled the motion saying she wanted the National Assembly to debate and discuss the issue of abortion with the aim of considering it with a sound and mature mind. This, she said, would be to make a decision that would benefit not only women but the Namibian nation as a whole.

She said that regardless of whether abortion was legal or not, young women and girls do backyard termination of pregnancies which not only affect them but have an impact on other parts of society as well.

However, Lukato is of the opinion that Namibia should be careful not to rush or endorse laws, which will affect the poor.

He said the issue of abortion was discussed many years ago while Dr Libertine Amathila was a minister of health. 

According to Lukato, it was found then that the majority of the country’s population, which is believed to be over 90% Christians, were not in support of the motion. 

Lukato swore in his trademark arms raised stance, “NDP under my leadership reject the legalisation of abortion. Our stand will never change; we will never change our mind to support the amendments of the policy of God by legalising abortion.” 

He said for those who want to continue challenging the laws of the “creator and redeemer” through the modern political arena, should know that the living God is watching.

He further called on all political parties and churches not to support the legalisation of abortion.

Lukato has made several attempts to become Namibia’s president but has so far not managed to garner a sufficient number of votes to ascend to the highest office.  

2021-11-25  Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

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