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All northern borders reopened 

2022-05-06  Festus Hamalwa

All northern borders reopened 

Immigration minister Albert Kawana has officially reopened the three borders between Namibia and Angola.

Kawana said to facilitate the cross-border movement of goods and people, the Angolan and Namibia governments agreed to open the Ruacana, Omahenene and Omuvelo waKashamane border posts, which were closed since 2020 due to Covid-19.

He said the free movement will now promote good relations between the countries.

Kawana said the opening of the border posts come  at a unique time when Namibia remembers victims of the Cassinga massacre where many children, women and men lost their lives.

Cassinga was a reception centre for Namibian refugees fleeing the country into Angola to join the armed struggle for liberation. 

“Namibia and Angola share the history and remain united for the benefit of the people,” he added.

The minister urged those passing through the border posts to comply with the rules and regulations as the coronavirus has not yet been defeated in any country.

In an interview with New Era, chief of immigration Nehemia Nghishekwa said officials at the borders should refrain from corruption scandals whenever they are dealing with various people.

 He urged the public to report those who are practising corruption to the police, adding that the ministry will not tolerate those who are engaging in criminal acts.

Ngishekwa likewise called on the public not to get involved in any bribery with immigration officials.








2022-05-06  Festus Hamalwa

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